Thursday, 12 January 2017

Emptiness, Interdependence, Causes & Conditions.


'Emptiness (Skt. shunyata, Tib. tong panyi: Empty of independent existence, nothing arises by itself, but rather is dependent upon conditions.

Emptiness is the ultimate nature of all outer and inner phenomena and cannot be grasped through concepts.'

-- Quoted from 'Fearless Death' book by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Causes & Conditions.

A cause is a discrete event which occurs before a result.

A condition is not discrete, it is continuous, and must remain true in order for things to arise in dependence upon it.

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'Whatever arises dependently
Is explained as empty.
Thus dependent attribution
Is the middle way.

Since there is nothing whatever
That is not dependently existent,
For that reason there is nothing
Whatsoever that is not empty.'

Source: 'Pratītyasamutpāda on Wikipedia'.


'Everything in our world is composite - a car is made of the various parts, wheels, engine etc. Car's parts are composite as well - are made of smaller parts, then of atoms & other particles etc.

Nothing possesses its own irreducible self-nature but everything depends on something else for its existence.

Car without wheels is not car anymore, it depends on existence of all of it's parts assembled properly.

Nothing that is composite is lasting.

Interdependence also points to the mutuality of necessary for fruitful and positive human relations.

We are all interconnected.'

Inspired by meditation & parts of: 'The Teaching of Interdependent Co-arising'.


One of understandings of emptiness is that of impermanence.

'if this exists, that exists; if this ceases to exist, that also ceases to exist.'

All inner & outer phenomena are empty, non-permanent, transient.

Certain feelings and thoughts are empty as well, it's possible to get rid of disturbing feelings or thought by understanding their empty & transient nature.

Mutuality, Compassion & Love.

One understandings of emptiness is that we are connected.

We should develop compassion for ourselves & for others so our lives are meaningful.

Had insight that one of understanding of 'non-duality' is that there is connection between two.

There's connection between 'non-duality' & 'mutuality' as well.

Love has to be cared for or it will fall apart with time.


May all beings be able to truly benefit others in this life and in the following lives.

May all beings be able to understand impermanence of all that's composite, as well as lasting nature of clear space of mind.

May all beings be able to understand causality, may they be able to decide what will happen, to form their future with thoughts, words and actions.

May all beings be able to reach highest bliss of Enlightenment, to benefit others without hindrances of confusion and disturbing thoughs and feelings.

May all beings be able to actively continue pure view obtained in meditation in their daily lives.




Namaste, as well.

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  1. (EN) Just a note to friends: since a while ideas of interdependence & co-arising appear in my life, but my main reason for learning about it is to be better bodhisattva - not only as one who made bodhisattva promise, but also as one who understands emptiness & develops compassion.