Thursday, 15 December 2016


A quote.

'Meditation (Skt. bhavana or sadhana, Tib. gom): The Tibetan word gom means 'become familiar with' and expresses a process in which mind tries to let go of it's veils. For this, one uses methods that bring what is understood intellectually into one's own experience.

On the highest level, meditation means to effortlessly remain in that which is.

On the various levels of Buddha's teachings, different methods are taught, but they can be summarized essentially as calm-abiding and insight.

In the Diamond Way, the most important methods are identification with enlightenment, awakening the enlightened power-field using mantras, gratitude, and holding the pure view.

Just as it was earlier in Tibet, in the caves of accomplishers, so today in the West, guided meditation (Tib. gomlung) enables a large number of people to gain access to the countless methods of the Diamond Way.'

-- Quoted from the 'Fearless Death' book by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Blog author's comments.

Meditation can take many forms.

It can be sitting and counting breaths, or perhaps just being aware of breath, with visualizations, following guidelines and speaking mantras as well.

Calm Mind & Awareness are important parts of Meditation, as well as a proper sitting position is.

i read that even Martial Arts such as Karate can be a 'Meditation while moving', perhaps there are other ways as well.

i heard that there are those who practice Milam, or Tibetan Dream Yoga, to not waste time, to meditate even during sleep. Probably they do not sit as they are asleep, however.

Perhaps there are people who meditate during their whole lives, no matter what they do, no matter awake or asleep.

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