Friday, 16 December 2016

Space - Play.


'Nirvana (Tib. Nyang ngen le depa): in general it is liberation from suffering in samsara. In the Great Way, it is the state of perfect buddhahood. Great Nirvana (non-clinging), is the state beyond samsara and nirvana, to rest in that which is.

In this state, if nothing happens, it's the space of mind.

If something happens, it is the free play of mind.

If nothing appears it's mind's space essence.

If something appears it is mind's free play.

And the fact that all experiences can appear is mind's unlimited expression.'

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

A Vision.

Years ago, when i meditated in a Buddhist Center, i was introduced to the ideas of 'mind's free play' & 'mind's space'.

i imagined it as richness of expression, as capacity of karma to appear in great variety of forms.

Considered neither as good nor as bad, 'free play of mind & space' can be a poetic & beautiful way of expressing varietes in our lives, both rich in 'good' as well as in 'bad' events.


After meditation, i started to help myself & others, started to develop a technology, related with Computer Sciences, as well as with many other sciences including Nanotechnology.

Among many related activities, i've started to play with idea of a computer game that would simulate that technology, perhaps to be transformed later into interface to such the-tech.

i made a demonstration of that game's initial ideas (well, quite a failed attempt because of the hurry - still can be done properly in future, i think).

i named that a demonstration 'Space-Play', and hope that it reminds us of impermanence of things, both helpful as well as detrimential.

i hope that this demonstration will show both beauty as well as ugliness of war which can be also perceived as a 'dance of particles' for if we care enough to see bad things with Loving Eyes.

'Nanite War' Computer Game.

Current State.

i wish to continue with 'Nanite War' Computer Game code, but not at all cost.

i think that i still have a lot of time for continuing with game, for there are preconditions for that tech:
- faster computers with more memory,
- Stitie Space 1.2 implementation,
- 'Ola AH' Programming Language.

i think it's no sooner than 2030 before these preconditions will be mature enough to be used in this project.

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