Sunday, 11 December 2016

Drukpa Kunley & Protection from Insanity.


Drukpa Kunley, also called the Divine Madman of the Dragon Lineage is a holy person in Tibetan Buddhism's history.

Drukpa Kunley confronted people about their stiff ideas, opened minds, opened Buddhism Way to many using controversial methods.

Buddha Drukpa Kunley meditated despite his Madness, was able to reach Enlightenment despite obstacles.

i think Drukpa Kunley protected people from insanity, from delusions, from stiff ideas, probably more.

Delusions & Insanity.

i think that delusions are a form of insanity, but this does not mean that everyone except Buddhas has to go to mental hospitals.

Many people occasionally hear voices when there are none, have visions, think that they saw or heard something but then they understand it was just a trick of their mind.

When people can function normally despite delusions - or even better, if they have distance and criticism to their mind plays - no psychology or psychotherapy is needed.

Years ago i made a wish to protect people from insanity, i still wish for that - unless they attack me or whom/what i hold dear or important for my ways; when i feel attacked i cease to protect attackers for as long as neccessary.

i think it's an act of compassion to spare beings from suffering, insanity and visits to mental hospital or psychologists are a form of suffering.


i know that mental illness is my karma, i earned it with deeds in past lives and earler in this life as well.

i accept and take responsibility for my actions even during streaks of insanity, i try to not let this happen or at least to make this happen as little as possible, with least consequences as well; i am taking medicines, going to psychologists and psychatrists, going to therapy, etc.

i apologize myself and everyone for deeds i did when i acted insane.

Controversial methods.

i can see benefits of Drukpa Kunley Way as well.

By following Drukpa Kunley way i can do controversial things, say controversial and weird words, can do great lengths and do strange things to help people when everything considered 'sane' by society won't help.

i do not wish to use sex as a way to introduce people to Buddhism, even if Buddha Drukpa Kunley did this often; i prefer love to sex instead, and i do not believe in short/meaningless relationships and i do not believe in changing love partners too often.

i do not believe in sex without love, i am enemy of rape, i wish to give a Buddhist woman i Love everything she needs or wishes - even kids if that's her wish.

i do try to gently meditate when i can, on my responsibility, even if i am mad.

Insights, Prejudice.

Occasionally i have insights that people attack me.

Causes are appear as that they do not want to associate with a madman, fearing to be accused of believing his insane thoughts, fearing to be disrespected as madman's friend.

Insights tell me that they believe other authorities, but not me - even if i repeat words of those whom they believe; i think it's prejudice - i cease to protect them in this case.

i can understand that one can choose a teacher he or she wants for a given lesson - not only words written or spoken count, understanding, accents, experiences of a certain teachers also matter. it's wise to learn from more experienced teachers even if less realized teachers know the same lesson to a certain degree. if that's the reason of refusing to accept my lessons - i gently and respectfully bow out without ceasing to support or help those people.

i can understand criticism and checking first before trust.

i can understand taking precautions and learning about me before respect, friendship & trust.

i just do not like attacks, prejudice and violence toward me, that's all.

Fears i can understand, i advise calmness, courage and the HUNG mantra that transforms anger into fearlessness.



Namaste, blessed be.

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