Monday, 19 December 2016

Beneficial Ways.


This blog's author knows that while it can be beneficial to help others even while unemployed,
Lama Ole Nydahl still enourages actively working as well as practicing Buddhism in our daily lives.

i wish to find proper employment, will start to look for work since January 2017.

i wish to find work in Software Security, as a 'Pentester' preferably. i wish to work for 3 years in that field mostly to gain professional experience in Software Security as a preparation for my future projects. i wish to share my income with Buddhism & not only.

i could use support of others, to prepare for that work, to find that work & to keep it as well.


Art-Dharma Lessons & Protecting our Ways.

One of my wishes i did in past was to protect Lama Ole Nydahl's Transmission as an Ethical Hacker & IT Security Expert.

There are many ways to accomplish this, one of them is to build a Secure Art-Application such as: 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Project of mine.

Why this route?

Because the Art speaks Clearly & Beautifully - lessons conveyed with Arts are easier to understand & absorb.

This project also has to be technologically secure, as well as able to serve lessons to many customers at the same time.

With a proper Buddha Dharma & Arts understanding, the Art-Dharma lessons can be analyzed & categorized as well - so proper lessons are given to proper people, taking into account factors as initiations acquired, current meditation practices, as well as other considerations as neccessary.

i understand that succesfully completing this project requires following:
- understanding Dharma well enough - preferably with finding proper advisors that are well-versed in Buddha Dharma,
- understanding Art well enough, understanding the way Art speaks, understanding messages it conveys - preferably with assistance of Buddhist Art-Advisors,
- understanding Technology well enough - including software construction, web-cloud projects related concerns, as well as software security issues, 3d graphics & modelling, audio-video films streaming, virtual reality (i think that in-browser virtual reality will happen in this life), probably much more,
- understanding Processes of Learning & Teaching, including the nature of Cognition - in relation with Buddhism, Psychology, Arts, NLP, Mindfulness, Philosophy & perhaps other Sciences,
- proper initial investments - i am willing to invest my own money for this a project, possibly with mortgage bank credit & other financial solutions,
- patience & dedication.

Knowledge needed to make software that is needed beside computer sciences is called in programmer's jargon a 'domain knowledge'; Usually in an order to write an application properly, customer with domain knowledge is approached by an analyst - then talks ensue. Analyst's reports are sent to a software designer, then software's design & analyst's documentation papers are passed to programmers/developers who fill in whole code details. Then application is tested and after a proper procedures passed to the customer for reports, modification & correction orders if needed. Often software changes with time, as reality changes and customer adjusts his or her needs as well. We programmers say that programming is iterative (repeating in circles) process.

When a programmer knows domain knowledge, however - whole process is simplified, faster, better. Customer needs need to be addressed as well however, so talks are still neccessary.

This blog's author aims to understand as much of the needed Art & Dharma Teachings' domain knowledge, as well. Who is customer in my case? i think it's Artists, Buddhist Teachers & Sangha - even if it's me who will be paying them for their advices & time, at first at least.


i wish for all beings to find best work for their ways, work they love, work well worth their efforts, work that won't waste their precious time.

i wish for all beings to develop & realize their Mind's potential fully.

i wish to encourage all beings to reach Liberation & Enlightenment, without hurrying, demanding or pressuring them to do so.



Namaste, blessed be.

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