Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Musings about Reality & Meaning of Life.


This blog's author is interrested in Buddhism as well as with Computing, Philosophy, Physics - including Quantum Physics - as well as in the other Sciences & Arts.

This article is just musings about the Nature of Reality & Meaning of Life, that takes into account Buddhism, Philosophy and Physics.

i'll consider a few of questions in this an article:
1. What is Real, what's Important?
2. Is Reality Subjective or Objective?
3. Are there 'Many Worlds', 'Many Minds'?

Conscructive critic is welcome, i am not pretending that my understanding is complete.

What is Real, what's Important?

Unenlightened beings do not know everything about Reality. Not everything is said in TV or in the Internet, it's hard to follow current advancements of science or other important facts.

Reality changes with time - as soon as we read about something, many important things happen in the meantime.

We try to understand, we make plans ... but when something previously unknown appear we have to adjust.

Occasionally we lose hope in our capacity to survive or to succeed in what's important for us, we lose meaning of our lives.

i think we should focus on our priorities, i think we should try to follow our ideals & goals - even if these seem hard or impossible to do. Without approaching life that way we won't succeed anyway, and even if we fail - we at least did try.

Most important thing for this blog author is Enlightened Love as a way for Enlightenment, everything else is optional and often a waste of time.

Is Reality Subjective or Objective?

Objective Reality is a world view in which Reality is independent of an observer, in which 'a twig that falls in a forest when no one is nearby does still make a sound'.

Subjective Reality is a world view in which an act of observation affects both observer and observed object, in which observation, observer & observed are parts of a larger whole. In this view 'twig' might not even exist when no one is looking, in which Reality is not determined until act of observation is made. In physics an act of observation causes 'entanglement' - 'entangled objects' affect each other even at a long distance.

This blog's author sides with Buddhism & these parts of Physics that think the Reality to be Subjective.

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Are there 'Many Worlds', 'Many Minds'?

In Physics, 'Many Worlds' idea is explored scientificially - there are theories that explain Reality as consisting of an infinite number of worlds - both in past, in present, as well as in future. i read that our previous & present thoughts, words and actions determine into which world we'll travel to. Scientific observations therefore can tell in which world we are - where we moved to, instead of telling us how we changed the Reality with our thoughts, words and actions.

In Physics, there's an idea of 'Many Minds' - in this interpretation we do not change worlds we live in by our thoughts, feelings and actions, we change our minds instead. In Buddhism, worlds we perceive as real are plays of our minds, when something fatal occurs we perceive it as death, then go through bardo and reincarnation into following lives - our mind and world we perceive changes. i think that while we are part of one Mind, it's our ego that makes us think we are separate - therefore idea of many minds. i think that by our thoughts, words and actions we change mind therefore travel from a world to world - which world is depending on our karma and by how we experience it. i think that acts of compassion and wishes may bring minds together, of a couple meeting in worlds close enough to meet and experience it as finding someone in a real world. This thinking gives me a faint spark of hope, makes me regain meaning of life at least a little.

Constructive critic & wise lessons are very welcome.

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