Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Initiations, Preparation & Suprise.


This blog's author explains his experiences with the Refuge Initiation on the Diamond Way, as well as his understanding of nature & qualities of Buddhist Practices.

Diamond Way Buddhism uses very strong methods that work with Mind, practices that when applied unskilfully might pose a danger to sanity & development.

Please note that i am not very advanced Buddhism, i have only Refuge done.

i think it's wise to confirm my thoughts with more experienced, wiser Buddhist Teacher before jumping to conclusions.

i share this knowledge so more advanced friends might know how i think mostly, so i can be criticized & prepare better for future.

Beginners & uninitiated Buddhists should not assume it's everything, should not jump to conclusions too early, should not assume it's perfect understanding.

Perhaps other vehicles than the Diamond Way - Small Way & Great Way - use different methods as well.

Read or not on Your own responsibility.


At first one should understand what he or she is doing - should read introductory texts, think, ask questions.

i think that every Buddhist practice has a certain goal as well as methods, certain practices are prerequisites for more advanced practices.

First Initiation is called Refuge, it's with it that one becomes officially considered a Buddhist.

After we try & decide that we wish to make Buddhism our Way of Life, when we decide to reach Enlightenment or Liberation at least, we should start to prepare.

After initial questions are answered we speak a certain number of specific mantras - available in the Buddhist Centers. With this preparation, certain symbols are planted in Mind, initial perception & world view adjusts to suit the Buddhism Way more.

Not everything is understood as of yet, however.

Completion of the Initiation.

Then one goes to an Initiation Ceremony with the Qualified Teacher, who proceeds with the completion phase of the Initiation. Things are explained, synergy between thinking patterns are used, things are understood how they interrelate with each other.

It is very strong experience, it's great suprise, mind opens & changes.

i heard & experienced myself very strong positive & weird feelings, thoughts arose & 'clicked together', i saw a vision of the 'White Light' as well as other visions during the Initiation Course. i did hear that many other people have similar miraclous experiences & remain sane after that, nevertheless.

After the course i felt changed, i received blessing, felt great, got a certificate with my Secret Buddhist Name that i won't reveal.

i became officially a Buddhist.

Blog author's thoughts.

After a certain time, with proper literature & insights, i think that on the Diamond Way after every Initiation follows a practice, a build-up phase.

This might require Empowerment, Initiatory course that opens Ways.

We learn Theoretical Wisdom, we practice, we plant the seeds for another step with proper mantras and/or meditations and/or other practices such as prostrations.

When we are ready, after a certain number of preparation steps done well enough we can undergo the Completion Phase of the Initiation.

i think it's when certain 'key words' - that are deeply entrenched in mind - are explained and together have much deeper, more complete meaning - it's quite suprising how much is revealed with a fairly short course.

After the Completion Phase of Initiation our Mind's qualities are complete, we are ready for more.

i think that if we go to a Completion Course we are not prepared for, it might be detrimential to development at least, and even more dangerous than it seems.

The 'Suprise Element' might be 'spoiled', our mind might criticize too much without having enough of wisdom & experience to grasp everything in totality. Even if we have initial theoretical wisdom but did not practice enough of mantras, meditation & other steps well enough - these 'key words' are not deep enough in our mind - then after the course our understanding won't be complete, thinking will change but not the way it should. This might endanger our progress & sanity as well.

Let's not go to too advanced courses for us.

Let's be dilligent, careful & attentive with our holy practices.

Let's not go to courses we are unprepared for.

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