Monday, 14 November 2016

Spirituality & Ego.


i think i read it before,

i think i read that as one grows in spirituality, ego feeds on it, is proud to be spiritual.

i think it's not truly spiritual way, however, to feed ego - even that way.

i think i read that after ego thinks: 'now, beside my other perfect qualities, i'll be also spiritual', the Buddhist Lama uses a trick to help student to defeat ego.

i could use Lama Ole Nydahl's wisdom in tricking ego into defeat for that.

Ego is an obstacle to Liberation & Enlightenment, should be defeated.

A true hero is someone who defeats own ego, instead of numerous foes.

i understand that my Buddha Dharma Wisdom is shallow still, i am still learning.

My goal is to be truly & deeply spiritual, without ego, without a shallow approach - but i do not know how, as of yet.

My goal is true & full Liberation & Enlightenment, without neglecting other ways too much, without neglecting non-buddhist friends.


i wish that i and all beings be happy altruists instead of suffering egoists - altruism is source of happiness,

i wish that i and all beings be truly spiritual, without shallow spirituality that only feeds ego,

i wish that i and all beings have meaningful lives & deaths, to inspire others with spiritual growth, to reincarnate better with time,

i wish that i and all beings reach Liberation & Enlightenment, as well.



Namaste, blessed be.

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