Sunday, 6 November 2016

A Gift.

A 'Nitescence' paint by Nerialka.

With a Ritual TAROT Tools & a Raven Familiar Statue, also a Ritual Magick Tool.

A Gift.

i bought this a paint on deviantART, it's my friend Nerialka's Art.

Nerialka saved my life, along with Buddhist friends by dragging me out from a severe depression mental illness, so i stood a chance to carry on. i treasured it very much.

It was what a lady-friend has most precious to offer anyway, her time at youth. i think she kept preparing for talks with me as well, perhaps she involved her friends. She gave me about a year, then left. i know she prefers quiet people - so we do not talk much - but i feel that we still are friends.

My experiences with Nerialka show that she at least behaves as a true lady - a far from the haughty & stiff cliche aristocrat - she's gentle & eloquent - prefers to use both small & wise words - she's quiet, modest, humane, polite, a little cold but still friendly & caring, her manneres have no faults, she's wise, philosophical, spiritual, open-minded & compassionate altruist - even if many consider her evil, as she fights for those she cares for. Never heard a rude word from her as well, she's quite educated (Physics & Chemistry, a little of Computer Programming & perhaps more), can work very hard & fast. i know she does not want to brag or attract too much of attention, but she's very elegant & beautiful as well - i saw this on her photo that is not available on deviantART.

i hope that she forgives me revealing that much about her in this article.

A value of her 'Nitescence' paint is even more, because i tried to offer it for a Buddhist center - it's that important & valuable for me - i didn't want to offer something not worthy.

i brought 'Nitescence' within the Buddhist Center, it was unpacked & examined - a Buddhist Artist & Teacher Rafał Olech examined, told he likes when i did ask, also explained that in Buddhist Centers there's only Thangka Art. Still i feel it was blessed that way, it reminds me of Liberation, of how Nerialka liberated me from suffering significiantly.

There's also a symbol - a toxic tear, that leaves the eye - liberating it from that suffering.

After that i met a Buddhist woman i Love, we meditated together, then decided that 'Nitescence' is for her instead.

But this not so simple as that, for i also offered HH Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje everything i have, my death & my life as well - until now only in mind.

If our Sangha's Buddha decides, a 'Nitescence' paint is for him instead, i hope a Buddhist woman i Love will forgive if this occurs.



Namaste, blessed be.

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