Friday, 25 November 2016

A few thoughts about Mind.

Are we a mind or a body?

i read that we are mind, that we have bodies instead of bodies having mind.

Mind is not just a product of the brain, Mind has body & brain instead.

Mind is experiencer, can see through our eyes, hear through ears, feel what our skin touches, etc. But what is imagination?

Mind itself was never born, mind cannot die - but the conditioned body it has can die still.

i read that after body's death mind enters 'bardo' state, then after that joins with a new body - one is reborn.

Mind like Space.

i read that mind is like space, thoughts & feelings are it's free play.

When nothing appears, there's potential.

When something arises, it's a play.

Both can occur at once.

Space is not what separates, it's like a container that encompasses & connects beings.

Mind like Ocean.

Waves - both gentle waves, as well as storms might appear - but the ocean is stable still.

There can be warm & cold waves, they might play both gently & roughly, but all is passing - even the waters' stillness.

Mind like Mirror.

i read that Mind is like a Mirror - images, thoughts & feelings - might come & go, be reflected - but mind's nature doesn't change.

A thought about the Liberation.

What if mind-mirror becomes independent of thoughts & feelings that obscure it's innate perfection, happines, clarity, etc?

Is non-attachment, distance & observation a way to reach that state?

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