Monday, 7 November 2016

Respecting Other Ways.


This blog's author thinks that self-respect, respect for others, and gentle, inspiring, and meanigful speech & manners are important part of Buddhism.

This blog's author's way overlaps with other ways, not only with Buddhism.

Many Ways, important parts of my Way.

i try to be open for other ways, as far as it does not endanger my true goal - Enlightened Love as a Way for Enlightenment.

i try to be Antisectarian, i try to learn from other Buddhism's Schools, from other beneficial Religions & from other beneficial World Views as well.

Most important, esoteric & spiritual parts of my way are:
- Other Buddhism's Schools, even rivalring for Karmapa's title - in that way i accept their leaders as Advanced Teachers, but not as Buddhas as of yet,
- Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, including Catholic parts,
- Witchcraft/Wicca - mostly Gardnerian,
- ...

Arts & Science communities, including Martial Arts communities are important parts of my way as well.

i think we should respect each other, should try our best to protect ourselves & each other, should try to understand ourselves & each other, should try to befriend each other as well.

Truth is what brings together instead of separating, but Honesty is important as well. i try to be honest, even if i'm not perfect that way as of yet.

i try to protect other Ways from a false buddhist practices, from ignorance & from harm, from bad manners & from closed minds of beginners on the Buddhism's way.

i strive for Alliances or even better Friendships, i strive to represent our Sangha's side - while understanding other Ways, their conducts & their needs, as well.



Namaste, blessed be.

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