Wednesday, 2 November 2016



One can always wish for something to happen in future.

Wishes mature with time, wishing is seeding one's own karma for future.

Wishes can & should be beneficial, can & should help us in our progress.

There are harmful wishes as well, should be avoided & purified.

Personal wishes have less power than beyond-personal wishes that encompass all beings.

Wishes have consequences - karma returns, energy we send returns to us. The more beings are affected with a wish, the more powerfully that karma & energy returns.

Wishes can overlap, one wish can strenghten another wish, can be a part of progressing toward a certain goal.

Sending a wish.

One can wish for something in Mind,

One can write a wish in the Internet, in a book, in a letter, etc.

One can speak, paint, express a wish other ways as well.

What next?

After a wish is made, it matures in Mind with time, then reaches speech & body.

One should carry on beneficial wishes according to priorities, make steps to make them happen. Making wish to happen can be done in many ways, including donating to a cause or investing one's time & work.

Meaningless or unimportant wishes should be neglected, should be purified as well for these are detrimential to our priorities & time as well.


Wishes from this & from past lives form our karma, that determines what happens in this & in future lives, that determines our future Reincarnations as well.

Karma is a name for law of cause & effect that spans beyond one life & death.

Blog author's wish.

i have only one wish: i wish for Enlightened Love with a Buddhist woman i Love, and i know which.

Enlightened Love is a Way for Enlightenment, and Enlightenment in itself, in a way - i think.

Enlightened Love & Enlightenment encompasses many beings, for couples & families should help others as well. Acts of compassion bring people, couples & families together after all.

Rest of my wishes are optional, spoken, written or expressed in other ways to progress with my only wish, or just ideas to consider.

i have only one wish because i do not waste time or attention on something unimportant.



Namaste, blessed be.

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