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Sila is a word for Buddhist Morality.

i'll keep this an article a simple overview, there's more for a curious student in Lama Ole Nydahl's Books - probably elsewhere as well.

Ten Harmful Actions.

'Innumerable useful, harmful, or meaning-less actions make up everyone's life. Probably because we have ten fingers, Buddha like Moses, divided one's harmful exchange with the world into ten actions that have heavy consequences and thus are best avoided. As might be expected from Buddha, they are not commandments but logical advice from a friend.

1. Killing.
2. Stealing.
3. Causing Sexual Harm.
4. Lying.
5. Slander.
6. Coarse and offensive speech.
7. Meaningless chatter.
8. Hate.
9. Envy.
10. Ignorance.'

-- Quoted from 'The Way Things Are' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

The Ten Useful Actions.

'(...) To build a stockpile of fundamentally good karma, Buddha recommended ten Useful Actions that are protective in a partnership and in all life situations, and plant a wide range of good impressions in one's mind. They are exact opposites of the actions that he seriously advises against. Logical as always, the actions are present on the levels of body, speech and mind.

1. Protecting Life.
2. Being Generous.
3. Generating Joy through Sexual Activity.
4. Speaking Truthfully.
5. Creating Harmony.
6. Speaking Calmly and Inspiring Trust.
7. Speaking Meaningfully.
8. Being Satisfied and Content.
9. Being Kind.
10. Developing Right Perspective.'

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

More Advanced Sila.

... this blog's author is not ready to provide even a brief overview of More Advanced Sila, so leaving this part of this article empty - for now at least.

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