Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sharing is Getting.


This blog's author thinks that best way to secure something is to share.

i think i read something about this in Lama Ole Nydahl's books.

i understood that sharing works great with the OM mantra, because we are non-exclusive that way.

The more we share, the more we get back - because energy & karma returns.

This applies not only to cash or material gifts, but also with happiness, lessons & beneficial mind states.

Convincing Arguments.

Had insights that it's often worth to give.

Even when i am broke, i can light the magickal prosperity incense sticks - for others as well.

This brings not only cash in future, but also helps to 'convince' others to stay on our friendly side.

Useful in difficult moments as well - not only Protection incense during such times - can work, especially with Wisdom & Compassion.

Wisdom is needed, because we do not wish others to 'procure' difficult times for us - so we light such sticks. As they earn, they will get. Probably not only that as well.

Wishes: Four Immeasurables.

i wish that all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering,

i wish that all beings experience happiness and the causes of happiness,

i wish that all beings are never separated from the Supreme Happiness free from suffering,

i wish that all beings remain in the great equanimity free of attachment and aversion to those near and far.



Namaste, blessed be.

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