Friday, 14 October 2016

Loving Eyes, Disturbing Emotions & Anger.

Patience defeats anger other dangers.

Disturbing Emotions.

'Buddha used difficult mental states, seen as immoral or unsocial by varying religions and worldviews, as raw material and conscious tools for inner and secret development of his students. By means of a series of teachings and skillful methods, which have become a rich source of wisdom to contemporary psychology and philosophy, disturbing feelings are transformed into wisdoms that reside within them. In Diamond Way teachings, one uses the force of strong emotions as fuel for development.

Buddha's teachings mention 84,000 conditioned states of consciousness and mental veils, all leading to clumsy and harmful actions and words. These arise through various combinations of the main disturbing emotions; ignorance, pride, desire, jealousy and anger. In the painting of the Wheel of Life, held by the jaws of impermanence, desire and greed are separate and therefore six disturbing feelings are counted. They cause the six realms of existence, through which beings alternate until mind recognizes itself.'

-- Quoted from 'The Way Things Are' by Lama Ole Nydahl.


'Those who are deeply or frequently disappointed or who habitually block their own power, often experience envy and anger. They then develop the tendency to notice everything they don't like and spread bad feelings even without wanting to do so. Here Buddha's advice is to develop compassion for others and to understand that maybe those who make mistakes cannot help it. If that doesn't work, one can also think that the same people may die tomorrow so there is only one chance to be good to them.

It is important to remember, also historically, how ignorant people are of cause and effect, and that study is no alterantive to genuine life experience. Everyone wants happiness and wants to feel good, but immature views and self-made obstacles make people gather life's thistles instead of its flowers. Compassion must arise when seeing the mess people so often make out of their unlimited potential. Then without pity or sentimentality, one does what one can for others.'

-- Quoted from 'The Way Things Are' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Loving Eyes.

Loving Eyes Mantra.

'Today most Westerners probably know of the most popular of Tibetan mantras, pronounced:


It invokes the Bodhisattva Loving Eyes (Sanskrit: Avalokitesvara, Tibetan: Chenrezig) and activates our compassion, which is so important everywhere. Many people use this mantra simply because it gives a good feeling, but knowing its meaning strenghtens its benefit. The vibration of the syllable OM removes pride and that of MA, jealousy. NI takes away attachment, PE cuts through ignorance, ME removes greed and HUNG, making one's heart center vibrate, transforms anger'.

-- Quoted from 'The Way Things Are' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Blog Author's Comments.

i read in Lama Ole Nydahl's books that HUNG syllable transforms anger into fearlessness.

i heard during a Buddhist Lecture that a way to deal with anger is by developing patience as well, so not only the HUNG syllable mantra.

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