Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My Promises.


After a first glimpse at the Vinaya part of Kangyur, i've decided to make a four of promises under a condition.

i hope a Buddhist Woman i Love won't mind - otherwise i'll yield to her Wisdom & Compassion either to remove or modify the promises i am making - thus these promises are conditioned that way.

After reinforcing my wish to become Lama, i've decided to make a fifth promise under the same condition.

Perhaps more promises will be added later.

A First Promise.

i promise to not kill, unless there's absolutely no other way to Protect either my family - including my future family, or a woman i Love, or myself, or our friends, or our allies.

A Second Promise.

i promise to not engage myself in a sexual misconduct, in a sex against someone's will.

A Third Promise.

i promise to not take what is not given to me - to not steal.

A Fourth Promise.

i promise to do my best to not mislead others with false buddhist lessons - as much as i can.

When in doubt i'll either refrain from giving a lesson, or guard the phrases with words such as:
- 'i think',
- 'had insight',
- 'i am not sure',
- 'i feel',
- perhaps more.

Still, reader should be warned that i am still learning - there are better teachers around the World.

If neccessary i'll correct articles in future.

i'll be trying to write about the sources of the Wisdoms quoted or used.

i'll try to use illustrations that fit the articles well, if neccessary commenting them as soon as i can - in the same or in other article with a link.

A Fifth Promise.

i promise to be as non-violent in life as possible - as much as its sane, to seek non-violent solutions to conflicts whenever possible & sane. i'll train & use my patience, my humility, my calm analytical mind, my courage & my fearlessness for that. i'll try to use Mahakala (Protector) & Five Wisdom Buddhas mantras as well.

i am grateful for Martial Arts lessons that taught me patience, humility, calm analytical mind, courage & fearlessness. i'll promise to keep training these inner values still.

i still wish to develop the Power & Strength for our Protection on the Mahakala Way.

i still wish to learn ethical hacking, spiritual & physical martial Arts, other powerful ways as well.

i promise to not harm others with violence using these or other ways.

When threatened with violence - when neccessary - i'll prefer to use a nonlethal gas gun that i carry in a pants pocket, as opposed to resorting to armed or unarmed martial arts too eagerly. This is less harmful & more safe way, anyway. i'll try to use Mahakala (Protector) & Five Wisdom Buddhas mantras as well.

- Kolter RMG 19, a nonlethal gas gun -
- Looks like Glock, to confuse enemies' minds -




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