Wednesday, 12 October 2016

How does one purify karma that causes pain?

The Solution.

This happens through four stages of one's inner attitude:
- First, one realizes that one has caused pain.
- Second, one wishes to remove what is disturbing.
- Third, one makes the firm decision not to do it again.
- Fourth, one consciously decided to act in the opposite way.

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Blog Author's Comments.

Purifying Karma that causes pain can occur because of the two reasons:
- Because we are Compassionate, we do not wish others to suffer,
- Because bad Karma chases us or we feel attacked.

When someone or something causes a pain to us, we often forget that it's our own bad Karma that caused this situation.

When we experience bad karma, we should understand it's ripening result of our own bad actions from the past.

i think we should try to understand what we did in past - in this life or in previous lives - research the Causes of current Karma & situation, then purify it using the four steps mentioned above.

An important step in Understanding the Causes of Pain is learning that Karma we seed comes back - that the energy we send returns to us ... in other words what we do to others we'll experience later as well.

This is not only a Buddhist Lesson, it's also a Polish Catholic advice: 'Don't do unto others what you don't like'; i think that other Religions & World Views also have similar lessons - i mention this for the benefit of non Buddhist readers as well.

Considering that, the Causes of Pain might seem obvious - perhaps if i am poor, it's because that i caused poverty in others, or i was greedy - so perhaps i should just make a wish that Protects every being from Poverty - then as a consequence go to honest work & share the wealth with others now instead ... but let's not forget about the deeper Causes - these should be addressed as well.

Blog Author's Wishes.

Karma Understanding & Purifying wishes:
- i wish to understand the Causes of Mental Illness that i suffer from, then purify these.
- i wish to understand the Causes of Cravings that i suffer from, then purify these.
- i wish to understand the Causes of Poverty that i suffer from, then purify these.
- i wish to understand the Causes of Lies i occassionally tell, then purify these.
- i wish to understand the Causes of Loneliness, of being Separated from the Buddhist Woman i Love, then purify these.

Other wishes:
- i wish our Mind(s) to be Stronger, our thoughts & feelings to be better Guarded - including being Guarded from being perceived by enemies or from being manipulated by enemies as well; this wish should reduce Mental Ilness i suffer from, i think; this wish should reduce other Causes of Pain i suffer from as well, i think.


Namaste, as well.

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  1. (EN) 'Don't do unto others what you don't like' = (PL) 'Nie rób drugiemu co tobie niemiłe'.