Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bad Karma & Practice.

Tibetan Vajrasattva Statue.

Recently i've told in a Polish facebook's Buddhism group that despite 'Bad Karma', i am trying to be a Buddhist.

Got interresting feedback:
- That i've overemphasized 'Bad Karma', for i have great possibilities of practicing Dharma, that i have access to Buddha's Teachings.
- That the king of all purifying practices is Buddha Vajrasattva - irreplaceable for broken vows & that i should fight for his Mantras.

i meant mostly my mental illness as 'Bad Karma', but i don't know what caused this - perhaps it was false practices or broken vows - i don't know.

Because of mental illness i cannot meditate for now.

i think i should someday (initially planning for around Spring 2017) go to a Buddhist Retreat Center in Kuchary with intent to learn advices & wisdom regarding this, learn & practice his Mantras.

i think i should learn - also during this visit - about the Causes of various mental illness' - not only for my benefit, but for benefit of all who are mentally ill, as well as of the ways to purify these - to share on this blog.



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