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Insight (Skt. Vipashyana / Tib. Lhaktong).

Meditation that develops insight into the nature of mind.

This meditation practice is used as a method in the sutra way as well as in tantra way and builds on a stable experience of calm abiding (Tib. shinay).

One tries to maintain, from moment to moment, the view of the nun-duality of perceiving consciousness and perceived objects.

There is a direct and analytical approach to this practice.

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Blog author's comments.

'Great Minds think alike'.

This blog's author is also on the Insight's Way.

i meditated first, then got an advice from Lama Ole Nydahl to 'do everything that i do - with a calm mind'.

i try to continuously & patiently calm & observe mind, thoughts & feelings that appear.

Occasionally i get a feeling of a mind contact with beings, thoughts & feelings arise that surpass what i've learned in this life.

i get Computer Sciences - related knowledge, Buddha Way explainations, many other as well.

Often however these 'insights' mislead or lie, so i've learned that it's better to double check - using my experience, the Internet & books mostly, occasionally by asking questions.

When something is truthful, wise & healthy i call it 'insight', otherwise it's 'mental ilness symptom' - i have both mixed together, more or less easily distinguishable from each other.

i do not know the exact nature of these 'insights' & 'symptoms', perhaps it's telepathic contact with other beings, perhaps it's knowledge from past lives, perhaps just an excellent knowledge of someone or something, creativity & imagination combined - emerging from subconsciousness ... or a mix of these.

One of insights told me that there are different insights, including 'telepathic insights' & 'self-arising insights' - it's both thoughts & feelings (empathy) appearing in mind. i got explained that 'self-arising insights' are caused by perceiving - either via usual five senses or via telepathy (including 'telepathic insights', intuition, empathy & more. i think that 'self-arising insights' can amount to 'self-arising wisdom' mentioned by Buddhism.

During a Buddhist Lecture that i took a Refuge on, Lama Ole Nydahl explained that supernatural powers are a fact. i also heard & read that while these can be useful, often these are more of hindrances than of help however - my experiences confirm that as well.

Other Buddhist sources suggest that telepathy can be real, even using Buddha's Words.

But perhaps it's not so simple as people (including me) think, telepathy & empathy work strange ways.

My insights & experiences tell me that occasionall minds are close, that thoughts & feelings are shared - for a while at least; while 'sci-fi & fantasy telepathy & empathy' can be learned & can be real - it's usually different way. Still i think that attacking someone that way is 'shooting at one's own thoughts & feelings' as well.

Occasionally i think that mind occurances & external occurances (for example hearing a word or a bird-song) can trigger a 'key' in psyche that results in mental association, then mind wanders to ideas related & thinking that way occurs.

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