Friday, 26 August 2016

Karmic Way for Enlightenment.

Three Ways.

In Buddhism, there are three Ways to proceed in; these ways overlap.

1. Way of Methods.

Includes Meditations in the Buddhist Centers & Prostrations, as well as other Ways.

2. Way of Trust.

Includes the Guru Yoga, meditation on Guru Way, gaining & giving inspiration & gifts; inspiration is the transmission of methods as well; loyality & gratitude to the Wise Guru is important as well.

3. Way of Insight.

Includes Mind Calming & Observation, Speaking Mantras as well.

My Way.

Early in life i've started with a familiarity & a slight fascination with Buddhism related ideas - including Martial Arts; later in life i Meditated as well for fairly a long time; i am very grateful for that.

My way is mostly Karmic Way of Insight, with the Way of Trust initial elements, for it includes other Worldly & Esoteric Ways. it's called Karmic because it focuses more on practical & worldly Karma (karma is the cause & effect law) rather than on the Powerful Transcendental Methods as Meditation or Prostrations, perhaps more.

It's a lesser way lacking Truly Powerful Methods as Meditation, 'lonely outsider way', for i am given lessons in form of Insights without taking space in a Buddhist Center, i am denied the Meditation in a Buddhist Center as well.

Important parts of my way are also Noble Eightfold Way in a form of Dana (spiritual offerings), Sila (buddhist morality) & Bhavana (a form of development including Meditation or related similar methods), as well as Metta (compassion, wishing others to not suffer) & Karuna (loving kindness, wishing others to be happy).

On the Way of Insight, Esoteric powers Awaken & distract, so it requires a strict inner discipline to not detract into a softer, false Way that leads to a different goals more than to Enlightenment; they can be useful nevertheless, despite dangers involved as well. i still think however, that on Diamond Way that i am on, every life's step & life's aspect can be transformed into a Way to Enlightenment - gaining & inspiring friends & allies as well.

Perhaps someday in this life i'll return to a Buddhist Center & enter the Methods Way again - i wish for that, but not at all cost.

i also wish for full Nyndro completion, for a full, Artful & Noble Mahamudra, for everything useful on that way as well - but not at all cost again.

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