Friday, 26 August 2016

Cravings, Delusions & Transience.

Cravings & Liberation.

Cravings are illusory & delusional, they are the source of unhappiness.

Cravings are 'appetites', for example for food consumption, for sexual pleasures or for cigarettes, for much more probably as well.

Once someone understands their true nature with the aid of the Wisdom & Compassion he or she is free, in a way at least. Appetites are transient as everything that returns to the void, occasionally reappearing as well; nothing is permanent even the void in itself.

Had insights that it's a lesser form of Liberation - it makes sense for me.

In Buddhism everything material is transient (non-permanent), thoughts & feelings as well. Only Enlightenment Mind State is Lasting, perhaps Liberation as well.


Don't be fooled, don't be seduced by Your cravings & You will be free.

Nothing can harm You that way, Nothing can make You fall into degradation if You purify thoughts & feelings that way.

What way?

Trusting True Love for example, or perhaps Your own Mind's Buddha Nature as well.

i think every being should purify thoughts & feelings that way every moment more often.

if we cease to purify cravings for too long, cravings reappear - then develop into habits & increase; therefore we should keep developing purifying methods often as well & use them as well.

Beneficial Cravings.

Not all of cravings lead to bad results.

There are beneficial cravings as well, for example a craving for the Buddha's Power, or a craving for health; one should be wise with them however, not neglecting compassion as well.

Wishes, Mantras & Reference.

i wish every & all beings Liberation & Enlightenment.


Dana-Sila-Bhavana with Metta & Karuna.

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