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This blog's author tries to be Antisectarian.

Truth is what brings together instead of separating, therefore separation & anything that separates is Lies. Honesty is also important, however.

What is a Sect?

This depends on how we define word 'Sect'.

i think a sect is a group of religious protest, a group that separates.

i think that in most pure form, a word 'Sect' means 'Division', it's a closed group that separated themselves from other groups, to practice in solitude, while protecting their members - this is not so bad then.

i think that a far worse case of a sect 'Sect' is a person or a group that uses Harmful Sectarian Practices with regard to themselves or others. In this case word 'Sect' means basicly 'Separation' & 'Lies'.

Word 'Religion' means 'Reunion'.

In my opinion, a most common case of a Sect is a semi-religious person or group who is/are attached to a Religion or World view & exerts control over others. Even if it's only ignorance, laziness & greed this is still dangerous - for the overworked & disgraced people under him/her/them after a while lose meaning of life, try to suicide seeing no point in living anymore on these terms. This occured to me as well when i was atheist invovled with certain ignorant people from the Catholic Church.

In my opinion, a far more dangerous case of a Sect is someone or a group aware of what is a Sect, still using that knowledge & their means to gain advantage from others' work & resources. These people enslave, lie & steal, often are motivated by fanaticism, intentional malice, hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, greed & pride.

Harmful Sectarian Practices.

Sects sometimes close their members to other Ways, denying their members lessons & practices with other Teachers, with other Schools. It's separation from Absolute Truth, it's a harmful way in my opinion.

Sects have their agendas to fulfill, they Protect their ways - sometimes even illegally.

Certain sects are abusing their members: spiritually, with verbal or physical violence, materially, sometimes sexually as well.

Certain sects are addicting them to their teachers, to narcotics, or other things to keep them loyal.

Certain sects are forcing their members to work for others without or with too little of rewards.

There were cases when sects used weapons or other illegal means for their self-defense & protection.

Do Sects occur only in Buddhism?

i think the answer is: 'No', this is a common misunderstanding.

i think that many Religions or World Views have both sectarian practicioneers, as well as other, more spiritually developed & altruistic People.

Why Sects occur?

i think Sects can be formed for many reasons.

This can be a part of their way, to fulfill a certain wish or agenda, or out of greed - spiritual, erotic or material.

i think that Sects might be less spiritually ambitious people, who just want to take advantage of others or to focus on semi-spiritual goal as well.

i think that sometimes being a Sect is only part of the someone's or group's way, with goal of advancing to higher, nobler, more advanced Spiritual Ways as soon as they can.


Antisect is a Sect that Counters rival Sects.

Antisects can have higher Spiritual Ambitions, can wish other people Freedoms just lacking proper Wisdom or Methods to be called 'Religions' or 'Buddhism' yet, etc. This is how i understand my Antisectarian motive as well.

Antisects can be Sects who just wage a Spiritual/Worldly War on other rival Sects. These Antisects are dangerous Sects as well. This is what i do not wish to be.

Ways of countering Sects.

One should first & foremost counter sectarian tendences in himself or herself, to be true & honest with himself or herself.

Using violence against oneself or against others is not preferable means, this brings harm.

Using Wisdom & Compassion (working, sharing lessons) so sects do not have to use harmful sectarian methods & can evolve into something better, a Religion for example - is preferable.

Accepting lessons from other schools or teachers is a way of being non-sectarian, one can & should take a Refuge in a Lesson not the Teacher in this case, i read.

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Namaste, as well.

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