Monday, 21 November 2016

Buddhism & Esoterics: Mysticism, Mantras, Spells & Rituals.


This blog's author is trying to bring together Buddhism & Esoterics, respecting, understanding, trying to organize meaningful alliances & friendships as well.

Buddhism & Enlightened Love as a way for Enlightenment is this blog's author's greatest goal & ambition, however.

This blog's author is trying to follow the Diamond Way, also called Vajrayana Buddhism or Esoteric Buddhism, among other names.

This blog's author is aware that Esoterics are insanely dangerous, the main risk is detracting too much from a true goal of Buddhism: Enlightenment, however.

In this article, this blog's author will try to explain certain ideas important to his way, and how these interrelate & come together with the Buddhist Way.

At least Milarepa Buddha knew esoterics, anything can be a step towards Enlightenment on the Diamond Way.


'The mystery religions developed and prospered during the time of Alexander the Great, when much of the known world, including Egypt and Persia, was becoming Hellenized.

Mystery religions became popular as people grew tired of the moral decay that resulted from the cold materialism and abstract rationalism of the philosophers.

People wanted and needed to believe in the gods again - not just the passive, state-sanctioned veneration of the traditional gods, but an active religious participation that would deeply touch the emotional lives of worshippers. The mystery religions satisfied this need.

Coinciding with the popular worship of the deities, there were secret initiatory ceremonies that were attended by a privileged few.

The Greek word mysteria or 'mysteries,' implied private or secret rites that were not intended for the general public.


The Greeks held that there were three types of knowledge: mathesis or knowledge that could be learned, gnosis or knowledge that could be gained through meditation or intuitive perception, and pathesis or knowledge that was felt.

The mystery religions tried to instill enlightenment through all three, but especially through pathesis, by supplying the initiate the opportunity for direct personal experience of the higher teachings. They promised a transcendent type of experience or spiritual ecstasy that was lacking in the more popular forms of state-sponsored worship.'

-- Quoted from 'The Essential Golden Dawn' by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.

This blog's author thinks that mysticism in his case is mostly insights, thoughts & feelings experiences caused mostly by meditations he participated in.

There are many types of meditation among religions or world views, often very different from Buddhist meditations.

There are many types of enlightenment among religions or world views, different from Buddhist Enlightenment. This blog's author is curious about common points & differencies between enlightenments, for the benefit of all.


This blog's author thinks that an 'Act of Magick', a Spell is a Speech with Universe, using the symbols & magickal meanings as arguments - that result in a change according to will.


'A formalized ceremony including a series of actions, physical as well as mental, that results in the release of magical energy and the fulfillment of a specific objective'.

-- Quoted from 'The Essential Golden Dawn' by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.

This blog's author thinks that a Ritual is more advanced & developed Spell - many rituals are spells that are practiced for long time, perfected & developed into a whole ceremonies.

About Mantras & Spells.

This blog's author thinks that all of his mantras are spells, and all of his spells are mantras, both at the same time - unless he makes a mistake.

Mantras on the mind, speech or body levels are acts of will, therefore these are spells as well, that way.

A spell is also an act of will, can be spoken aloud or in mind, or cast using body, every spell is a mantra that way, even if it's a mantra on the mind level only.



Namaste, blessed be.

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