Friday, 25 November 2016

A few thoughts about Mind.

Are we a mind or a body?

i read that we are mind, that we have bodies instead of bodies having mind.

Mind is not just a product of the brain, Mind has body & brain instead.

Mind is experiencer, can see through our eyes, hear through ears, feel what our skin touches, etc. But what is imagination?

Mind itself was never born, mind cannot die - but the conditioned body it has can die still.

i read that after body's death mind enters 'bardo' state, then after that joins with a new body - one is reborn.

Mind like Space.

i read that mind is like space, thoughts & feelings are it's free play.

When nothing appears, there's potential.

When something arises, it's a play.

Both can occur at once.

Space is not what separates, it's like a container that encompasses & connects beings.

Mind like Ocean.

Waves - both gentle waves, as well as storms might appear - but the ocean is stable still.

There can be warm & cold waves, they might play both gently & roughly, but all is passing - even the waters' stillness.

Mind like Mirror.

i read that Mind is like a Mirror - images, thoughts & feelings - might come & go, be reflected - but mind's nature doesn't change.

A thought about the Liberation.

What if mind-mirror becomes independent of thoughts & feelings that obscure it's innate perfection, happines, clarity, etc?

Is non-attachment, distance & observation a way to reach that state?

Meditation's Challenges.


This blog's author is speaking of personal experiences, therefore before assuming that this is a timeless, and universal truth one should think, check, perhaps ask the qualified Buddhist Teachers as well.

Challenges & Conclusions.

Recently i did meditate, for a while i felt bliss, space & joy in mind.

Then after a few days, i felt attacked - thoughts & feelings appeared, thoughts & feelings attacked me, i acted with anger against catholic church.

Now when anger passed i am able to think coherently again.

When i looked at Hannah Nydahl's & Lama Ole Nydahl's photo i had insight that it was mostly subconsciousness surfacing, that people who seemed to attack me are in fact far better than i thought.

i wish to meditate again, to purify subconscious - it's my way. But i should not let my errors reappear, i should keep in mind that it's mostly subconsciousness & ego that attacks in these moments. i should let go of resentment & other disturbing feelings & thoughts, i should practice four immeasurables, i should practice patience to win against anger as well.


May all beings have happines and causes of happiness (Love & Loving Kindness),
May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering (Compassion),
May they always experience true happiness, which is totally free from suffering (Sympathetic joy),
May they remain in the great equanimity, which is beyond attachment and aversion (Equanimity).



Namaste, blessed be.


Conscious Dying.

'In Tibetan Buddhism there is Phowa or 'Conscious Dying' which one can apply in dying, for oneself as well as for others.

One uses the moment of death, when mind separates from body, either to come from a confused state of mind into a clear, liberated one, or to help others in doing so.

As a matter of fact, among the Diamond Way meditations that Buddha passed on to his closest students, this practice is unique in quickness, applicability, and power.

As is generally the case with Buddha's ultimate methods, the benefits from this practice manifest already during one's life, since harmful impressions dissolve for the student, the consciousness soldifies, and mind becomes clearer.

Many Buddhists therefore say that there is a life before Phowa and alife afterward, and the second part is much better!


Although the pure lands, to which one goes after death - and which are experienced more and more strongly during life - still don't signify enlightenment, under all circumstances, one is on the way to liberation, will not fall down from the achieved level of development, and can develop safely according to one's capacities and qualities.

With the word 'Phowa' Tibetans imagine a bird, which, trapped under a roof, finds a hatch and swings, freed into space.


All meditations in Diamond Way centers are used primarily for mastering life. In addition, by means of their contents, they are also a preparation for death. Phowa is learned specificially for the moment of death, and also applied at the crucial moment for oneself, or for friends, in the way that one has learned.'

-- Quoted from 'Fearless Death' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Phowa Courses.

'Although everybody already possesses the ticket to learning Conscious Dying - one was born and thus one will also die someday - besides the intellectual maturity to understand this, certain preparations are neccessary for this invaluable practice.

For example, in Tibet, Phowa was only given to students who had completed the four Foundational Practices (Tib. ngöndro) or promised to do so. The importance of this practice also becomes apparent in the fact that in the traditional three-year retreats it is taught only after two years.

After more than eighty-five thousand Tibetans fled out of their country from Mao's troops in 1959, and many of them died of tuberculosis in the Indian refugee camps, today the access to these teachings is easier. Especially in the humaniatarian West, it gets increasingly difficult to find time to meditate between work and distractions. However, since a death follows every life, more than six hundred Diamond Way centers worldwide enable those who want to go to a Buddhist pure land and who agree with the view and goals of the Diamond Way to learn this practice.

New participants prepare best for the Phowa through the so-called Short Refuge and meditation on the Buddha of Limitless Light.


If one can additionally do the highly effective purification through the Buddha Diamond Mind and his one hundred- or six-syllable mantra - which removes the roughest of obstacles - one has a very good preparation for the Phowa.'

-- Quoted from 'Fearless Death' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Blog Author's Comments.

For more information & details about Phowa, Phowa Courses & Preparations, as well as on related subjects - readers should read 'Fearless Death' by Lama Ole Nydahl, or contact qualified Buddhist Teachers.

See also, if You wish: Ngöndro - Beyond the Comfort Zone, Reincarnation, Better Reincarnation.



Namaste, as well.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Buddhism & Esoterics: Mysticism, Mantras, Spells & Rituals.


This blog's author is trying to bring together Buddhism & Esoterics, respecting, understanding, trying to organize meaningful alliances & friendships as well.

Buddhism & Enlightened Love as a way for Enlightenment is this blog's author's greatest goal & ambition, however.

This blog's author is trying to follow the Diamond Way, also called Vajrayana Buddhism or Esoteric Buddhism, among other names.

This blog's author is aware that Esoterics are insanely dangerous, the main risk is detracting too much from a true goal of Buddhism: Enlightenment, however.

In this article, this blog's author will try to explain certain ideas important to his way, and how these interrelate & come together with the Buddhist Way.

At least Milarepa Buddha knew esoterics, anything can be a step towards Enlightenment on the Diamond Way.


'The mystery religions developed and prospered during the time of Alexander the Great, when much of the known world, including Egypt and Persia, was becoming Hellenized.

Mystery religions became popular as people grew tired of the moral decay that resulted from the cold materialism and abstract rationalism of the philosophers.

People wanted and needed to believe in the gods again - not just the passive, state-sanctioned veneration of the traditional gods, but an active religious participation that would deeply touch the emotional lives of worshippers. The mystery religions satisfied this need.

Coinciding with the popular worship of the deities, there were secret initiatory ceremonies that were attended by a privileged few.

The Greek word mysteria or 'mysteries,' implied private or secret rites that were not intended for the general public.


The Greeks held that there were three types of knowledge: mathesis or knowledge that could be learned, gnosis or knowledge that could be gained through meditation or intuitive perception, and pathesis or knowledge that was felt.

The mystery religions tried to instill enlightenment through all three, but especially through pathesis, by supplying the initiate the opportunity for direct personal experience of the higher teachings. They promised a transcendent type of experience or spiritual ecstasy that was lacking in the more popular forms of state-sponsored worship.'

-- Quoted from 'The Essential Golden Dawn' by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.

This blog's author thinks that mysticism in his case is mostly insights, thoughts & feelings experiences caused mostly by meditations he participated in.

There are many types of meditation among religions or world views, often very different from Buddhist meditations.

There are many types of enlightenment among religions or world views, different from Buddhist Enlightenment. This blog's author is curious about common points & differencies between enlightenments, for the benefit of all.


This blog's author thinks that an 'Act of Magick', a Spell is a Speech with Universe, using the symbols & magickal meanings as arguments - that result in a change according to will.


'A formalized ceremony including a series of actions, physical as well as mental, that results in the release of magical energy and the fulfillment of a specific objective'.

-- Quoted from 'The Essential Golden Dawn' by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.

This blog's author thinks that a Ritual is more advanced & developed Spell - many rituals are spells that are practiced for long time, perfected & developed into a whole ceremonies.

About Mantras & Spells.

This blog's author thinks that all of his mantras are spells, and all of his spells are mantras, both at the same time - unless he makes a mistake.

Mantras on the mind, speech or body levels are acts of will, therefore these are spells as well, that way.

A spell is also an act of will, can be spoken aloud or in mind, or cast using body, every spell is a mantra that way, even if it's a mantra on the mind level only.



Namaste, blessed be.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Spirituality & Ego.


i think i read it before,

i think i read that as one grows in spirituality, ego feeds on it, is proud to be spiritual.

i think it's not truly spiritual way, however, to feed ego - even that way.

i think i read that after ego thinks: 'now, beside my other perfect qualities, i'll be also spiritual', the Buddhist Lama uses a trick to help student to defeat ego.

i could use Lama Ole Nydahl's wisdom in tricking ego into defeat for that.

Ego is an obstacle to Liberation & Enlightenment, should be defeated.

A true hero is someone who defeats own ego, instead of numerous foes.

i understand that my Buddha Dharma Wisdom is shallow still, i am still learning.

My goal is to be truly & deeply spiritual, without ego, without a shallow approach - but i do not know how, as of yet.

My goal is true & full Liberation & Enlightenment, without neglecting other ways too much, without neglecting non-buddhist friends.


i wish that i and all beings be happy altruists instead of suffering egoists - altruism is source of happiness,

i wish that i and all beings be truly spiritual, without shallow spirituality that only feeds ego,

i wish that i and all beings have meaningful lives & deaths, to inspire others with spiritual growth, to reincarnate better with time,

i wish that i and all beings reach Liberation & Enlightenment, as well.



Namaste, blessed be.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Meditated - once again.


Today i had insight that i can meditate for a while.

i meditated a little, it was months or years since i did meditate.

This was a 'Meditation on Light & Breath' from 'Buddha & Love' book by Lama Ole Nydal.

i took it easy, didn't push too far nor carry meditation for too long for my sanity.

i meditated to calm mind & gain distance to disturbing thoughts & feelings that appear in mind.

i am happy that a woman i Love appeared in mind briefly as i meditated - it felt as we meditated together once again.

Dedication & Thoughts.

i am grateful for this meditation, i wish to share accomplishment & dedicate this experience for benefit of all beings.

i had insights that while meditation endangers my sanity, on my responsibility i can.

Perhaps i'll meditate a little more again soon.



Namaste, as well.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Studying Dragon Magicks of Babylon.


During Buddhist Lectures with Lama Ole Nydahl, had insights.

Insights in Buddhist holy places, or with significiant part of community, or with confirmed Teachers, Lamas i consider as more reliable than insights occuring elsewhere.

Even looking at a photo initiates mind contact with Lamas, Teachers, or Buddhas i think.

During one of Buddhist Lectures with Lama Ole Nydahl, insights told me that i should Study Mathematics at University again, and that i should also Study Dragon Magic of Babylon.

But when i'll be ready? When it'll be safe?

Recent Development.

A few days ago, i had insights with a lesson of a curse cast upon me by Islamic women & men. It seems that this curse will be overcome, will fail and i will learn a little as well. But i'll be also analyzed & countered, the way these lessons won't prepare me for.

I called for Mahakala Protection & for Wisdom of Five Wisdom Buddhas for aid.

Also, just today i had insight that Koran wants me for Arabicks, not sure if i spelled that word properly, however.

My Karmic Way.

i've included Esoteric Ways into my Karmic Way for Enlightenment for three reasons:

1. Because of above-mentioned insights, not only from a Buddhist Lecture,
2. Because of my friends from esoteric circles,
3. Because of my past experiences - i played with Magical games for years as a kid which caused a certain mindset in my mind, i bought TAROT cards & read a little of A.Crowley's books as a kid as well.

Symbolism of a Dragon.

Dragon, according to Jung's psychology & perhaps more - is a symbol of Fear, perhaps it has something to do with Terrorism?

That's my main reason of striving to be anti-terrorist.

Tamed Dragon however is a symbol of conquered fear, of fearlessness, of magic, of Protector, of a friend.



Namaste, blessed be.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Wisdom & Compassion.


Development of Wisdom & Compassion leads to Enlightenment on the Great Way of Buddhism.

Five Disturbing emotions: Sources of Wisdom.

'Disturbing emotions (Skt. Klesha / Tib. Nyön mong): also called: 'mental states that bring about suffering.'

These states are: ignorance, attachment, anger, pride and envy.

Together with negative actions, they form the causes for all suffering in the cycle of existence (Skt. Samsara).'

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Five Wisdoms.

'Wisdoms, Five: the five wisdoms are the true essence of the five disturbing emotions.

Through the conversion of ordinary experience, anger is recognized as a mirror-like state, showing the way things are without adding or subtracting anything (Mirror-like Wisdom).

Pride becomes the ability to see all things as richness (Equalizing Wisdom).

Atachment converts into the capacity to distinguish things in their details and how they work together (Discriminating Wisdom).

Envy converts itself into the ability to connect experiences as steps in a historical process (Wisdom of Experience),

and ignorance becomes all-pervading insight (All Pervading Wisdom).'

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.


'Compassion (Skt. Karuna / Tib. Nyingje): the second of the Four Immeasurables, the wish that all living beings may be free from suffering and the causes of suffering'.

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Great Way.

'Great Way (Tibetan: Thegchen, Sanskrit: Mahayana): The way of the bodhisattvas where one strives for enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.

Compassion and wisdom are deepened through study, analysis, and meditation over a long time, and then open out into insight.'

-- Quoted from 'The Way Things Are' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Loving Eyes Mantra.

Disturbing emotions can be purified using Loving Eyes Mantra, using other ways as well.

After being purfied, disturbing emotions emerge as wisdoms.

The Loving Eyes Mantra: OM MANI PEME HUNG.

The underlying meaning of the mantra is as follows:

OM - purifies all harmful impressions that have been caused by pride and protects against rebirths as worldly gods

MA - purifies all harmful impressions that have been caused by envy and jealousy and protects against rebirths as jealous half-gods

NI - purifies all harmful impressions that have been caused by attachment and desire and protects against human rebirth (except as a Bodhisattva)

PE - purifies all harmful impressions that have been caused by ignorance and protects against rebirth as animals

ME - purifies all harmful impressions that have been caused by greed and stinginess and protects against rebirths as hungry ghosts

HUNG - purifies all harmful impressions that have been caused by anger and hatred and protects against paranoia-hell states

The literal translation is:

OM: Space awaken!

MANI PEME: Diamond in the Lotus Flower (which is the name of Buddha and invokes his power)

HUNG: Be Strong!

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl & paraphrased from Buddhist sources.

Blog's author's comments.

i heard during a buddhist lecture, read as well, that development of Wisdom & Compassion is the Way to Enlightenment.

It's the Great Way (Mahayana) method, but i think that Diamond Way (Vayrajana) uses this as well.

After developing enough of Compassion one should develop Wisdom.

After developing enough of Wisdom one should develop Compassion.

i think that with Wisdom developed, one can help more beings more in a shorter time as well.

One should keep developing Wisdom & Compassion in turns, until Enlightenment is achieved.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


High Holiness Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje.

Leader of the Karma Kagyu Lineage, one of main four Tibetan Buddhism Schools.

Who is Buddha?

'Buddha (Tib. Sangye): denotes the enlightened state of mind.

The Sanskrit word buddha translates as 'The Awakened One.'

The Tibetan word sangye means 'completely purified of all veils that obscure the clarity of mind (sang) and complete development of all inherent qualities of mind (gye)'. These qualities include fearlessness, spontaneous joy, active compassion, wisdom, and activity for benefit of all beings.

The buddha of our age is the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, the fourth of 1,000 historical buddhas who will manifest in this eon. Every historical buddha introduces a new period of dharma.'

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Blog author's comments.

The Goal of every Buddhist is to achieve Enlightenment, to become buddha.

After achieving Enlightenment, one does not cease to work for others - one just gains 'momentum', i read.

Enlightenment is the Base, Way & Goal.



Namaste, as well.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Respecting Other Ways.


This blog's author thinks that self-respect, respect for others, and gentle, inspiring, and meanigful speech & manners are important part of Buddhism.

This blog's author's way overlaps with other ways, not only with Buddhism.

Many Ways, important parts of my Way.

i try to be open for other ways, as far as it does not endanger my true goal - Enlightened Love as a Way for Enlightenment.

i try to be Antisectarian, i try to learn from other Buddhism's Schools, from other beneficial Religions & from other beneficial World Views as well.

Most important, esoteric & spiritual parts of my way are:
- Other Buddhism's Schools, even rivalring for Karmapa's title - in that way i accept their leaders as Advanced Teachers, but not as Buddhas as of yet,
- Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, including Catholic parts,
- Witchcraft/Wicca - mostly Gardnerian,
- ...

Arts & Science communities, including Martial Arts communities are important parts of my way as well.

i think we should respect each other, should try our best to protect ourselves & each other, should try to understand ourselves & each other, should try to befriend each other as well.

Truth is what brings together instead of separating, but Honesty is important as well. i try to be honest, even if i'm not perfect that way as of yet.

i try to protect other Ways from a false buddhist practices, from ignorance & from harm, from bad manners & from closed minds of beginners on the Buddhism's way.

i strive for Alliances or even better Friendships, i strive to represent our Sangha's side - while understanding other Ways, their conducts & their needs, as well.



Namaste, blessed be.


About Refuge.

'Refuge (Tibetan: Khyab dro, Sanskrit: Sharanam gam): Translates literally as go to protection.

Encountering one's own buddha nature, one turns to the values on which one can rely.

One takes Refuge in Buddha as the goal, in the Dharma as the way, and in the Sangha, the Bodhisattvas, as one's friends and helpers on the way.

These are the so-called Three Jewels.

In the Diamond Way one also takes refuge in the Three Roots.

Receiving refuge from a lama is the ritual beginning of one's way. It creates a connection between the buddha nature of the student and the timeless wisdom of all buddhas.

As a good sign, one gets a Buddhist name and a tiny bit of hair is cut. This reminds one that the Buddha, after he left his homeland and caste and decided to dedicate all his time and energy to enlightenment, cut his hair.'

-- Quoted from 'The Way Things Are' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

About Three Jewels.

'Three Jewels (Tiberan: Kon dhog sum, Sanskrit: Triratna): Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. All Buddhists worldwide take refuge in them.'

-- Quoted from 'The Way Things Are' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Buddha is an Enlightened being, every Buddhist's goal is to reach Enlightenment.

Dharma is a word for Buddha's Unsurpassable Teachings, there are other Dharmic Religions as well.

Sangha is Buddhists' community of practicioneers, or a Buddhist groups. There are many Sanghas helping in different world's parts, all a part of whole Sangha - i think.

About Three Roots.

'Three Roots (Tibetan: Tsawa sum, Sanskrit: Trimula): Lama, Yidam and Protector.

Above and beyond the Three Jewels, they are the Refuge in the Diamond Way and make possible a fast track to Enlightenment.

They are the source or roots of blessing, realization and protection.'

-- Quoted from 'The Way Things Are' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

See also, if You need or wish, ... : Important Buddhist Teachers & my experiences from the Refuge & from the other Buddhist Courses.



Namaste, as well.

Egoism & Altruism.


Concepts of Egoism & Altruism are important Buddhism's part.

i had insights, i think, i'll write in this article of what makes sense for me, about my opinions.

if/when neccessary, however - i'll correct this article later.


Egoists are people who think mostly of their own benefit, who do not care about others.

On a Buddhist Way, it's important to defeat one's own ego, to see oneself as connected with other beings, as a part of larger whole - to become an Altruist.


Altruists are beings who think of others, not only of themselves.

Being an Altruist is not the same thing as being a good person, there are those who think of others to cause harm - as well as those who combine Altruism with the Beyond-Personal Good.

A Buddhism's Way.

While there's separation between ideas of the Altruism & Good, both are important on Buddhism's Way.

Buddha teaches Compassion - both for oneself & for others, teaches Altruism & Beyond-Personal Good.

It's best to help as many beings as possible, not only oneself, or just one's family.

Beyond-Personal Good is the Good that reaches other beings, both helping, supporting, and inspiring as well, i think.

Loving Eyes Mantra.

My silver signet ring with Loving Eyes Mantra engraved,

... helps to develop Compassion, Altruism & Beyond-Personal Good.

When i look at Loving Eyes Mantra, it reminds me of how i should be.


1. May all beings have happines and causes of happiness (Love),
2. May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering (Compassion),
3. May they always experience true happiness, which is totally free from suffering (Sympathetic joy),
4. May they remain in the great equanimity, which is beyond attachment and aversion (Equanimity).



Namaste, blessed be.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

A Gift.

A 'Nitescence' paint by Nerialka.

With a Ritual TAROT Tools & a Raven Familiar Statue, also a Ritual Magick Tool.

A Gift.

i bought this a paint on deviantART, it's my friend Nerialka's Art.

Nerialka saved my life, along with Buddhist friends by dragging me out from a severe depression mental illness, so i stood a chance to carry on. i treasured it very much.

It was what a lady-friend has most precious to offer anyway, her time at youth. i think she kept preparing for talks with me as well, perhaps she involved her friends. She gave me about a year, then left. i know she prefers quiet people - so we do not talk much - but i feel that we still are friends.

My experiences with Nerialka show that she at least behaves as a true lady - a far from the haughty & stiff cliche aristocrat - she's gentle & eloquent - prefers to use both small & wise words - she's quiet, modest, humane, polite, a little cold but still friendly & caring, her manneres have no faults, she's wise, philosophical, spiritual, open-minded & compassionate altruist - even if many consider her evil, as she fights for those she cares for. Never heard a rude word from her as well, she's quite educated (Physics & Chemistry, a little of Computer Programming & perhaps more), can work very hard & fast. i know she does not want to brag or attract too much of attention, but she's very elegant & beautiful as well - i saw this on her photo that is not available on deviantART.

i hope that she forgives me revealing that much about her in this article.

A value of her 'Nitescence' paint is even more, because i tried to offer it for a Buddhist center - it's that important & valuable for me - i didn't want to offer something not worthy.

i brought 'Nitescence' within the Buddhist Center, it was unpacked & examined - a Buddhist Artist & Teacher Rafał Olech examined, told he likes when i did ask, also explained that in Buddhist Centers there's only Thangka Art. Still i feel it was blessed that way, it reminds me of Liberation, of how Nerialka liberated me from suffering significiantly.

There's also a symbol - a toxic tear, that leaves the eye - liberating it from that suffering.

After that i met a Buddhist woman i Love, we meditated together, then decided that 'Nitescence' is for her instead.

But this not so simple as that, for i also offered HH Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje everything i have, my death & my life as well - until now only in mind.

If our Sangha's Buddha decides, a 'Nitescence' paint is for him instead, i hope a Buddhist woman i Love will forgive if this occurs.



Namaste, blessed be.

Saturday, 5 November 2016



'Reincarnation/Rebirth: Embodiment in a subsequent life.

The same person is not reborn but the mind follows its unenlightened habit to think that things are real. It consolidates itself in a new life according to the karma which has been built up through actions, words and thoughts and this mind experiences a new world accordingly.

Normally a reincarnation happens involuntarily but can also happen consciously on the basis of good wishes for the benefit of beings, if the nature of mind has been recognized and to a great extent.'

-- Quoted from 'The Way Things Are' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

See also, if You wish: Better Reincarnation, Phowa.

Friday, 4 November 2016



This blog's author tries to be Antisectarian.

Truth is what brings together instead of separating, therefore separation & anything that separates is Lies. Honesty is also important, however.

What is a Sect?

This depends on how we define word 'Sect'.

i think a sect is a group of religious protest, a group that separates.

i think that in most pure form, a word 'Sect' means 'Division', it's a closed group that separated themselves from other groups, to practice in solitude, while protecting their members - this is not so bad then.

i think that a far worse case of a sect 'Sect' is a person or a group that uses Harmful Sectarian Practices with regard to themselves or others. In this case word 'Sect' means basicly 'Separation' & 'Lies'.

Word 'Religion' means 'Reunion'.

In my opinion, a most common case of a Sect is a semi-religious person or group who is/are attached to a Religion or World view & exerts control over others. Even if it's only ignorance, laziness & greed this is still dangerous - for the overworked & disgraced people under him/her/them after a while lose meaning of life, try to suicide seeing no point in living anymore on these terms. This occured to me as well when i was atheist invovled with certain ignorant people from the Catholic Church.

In my opinion, a far more dangerous case of a Sect is someone or a group aware of what is a Sect, still using that knowledge & their means to gain advantage from others' work & resources. These people enslave, lie & steal, often are motivated by fanaticism, intentional malice, hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, greed & pride.

Harmful Sectarian Practices.

Sects sometimes close their members to other Ways, denying their members lessons & practices with other Teachers, with other Schools. It's separation from Absolute Truth, it's a harmful way in my opinion.

Sects have their agendas to fulfill, they Protect their ways - sometimes even illegally.

Certain sects are abusing their members: spiritually, with verbal or physical violence, materially, sometimes sexually as well.

Certain sects are addicting them to their teachers, to narcotics, or other things to keep them loyal.

Certain sects are forcing their members to work for others without or with too little of rewards.

There were cases when sects used weapons or other illegal means for their self-defense & protection.

Do Sects occur only in Buddhism?

i think the answer is: 'No', this is a common misunderstanding.

i think that many Religions or World Views have both sectarian practicioneers, as well as other, more spiritually developed & altruistic People.

Why Sects occur?

i think Sects can be formed for many reasons.

This can be a part of their way, to fulfill a certain wish or agenda, or out of greed - spiritual, erotic or material.

i think that Sects might be less spiritually ambitious people, who just want to take advantage of others or to focus on semi-spiritual goal as well.

i think that sometimes being a Sect is only part of the someone's or group's way, with goal of advancing to higher, nobler, more advanced Spiritual Ways as soon as they can.


Antisect is a Sect that Counters rival Sects.

Antisects can have higher Spiritual Ambitions, can wish other people Freedoms just lacking proper Wisdom or Methods to be called 'Religions' or 'Buddhism' yet, etc. This is how i understand my Antisectarian motive as well.

Antisects can be Sects who just wage a Spiritual/Worldly War on other rival Sects. These Antisects are dangerous Sects as well. This is what i do not wish to be.

Ways of countering Sects.

One should first & foremost counter sectarian tendences in himself or herself, to be true & honest with himself or herself.

Using violence against oneself or against others is not preferable means, this brings harm.

Using Wisdom & Compassion (working, sharing lessons) so sects do not have to use harmful sectarian methods & can evolve into something better, a Religion for example - is preferable.

Accepting lessons from other schools or teachers is a way of being non-sectarian, one can & should take a Refuge in a Lesson not the Teacher in this case, i read.

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* Is Lama Ole's Diamond Way a Sectarian Way?,
* Broken Papers.



Namaste, as well.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Why Antisect?


This blog's author tries to be Antisectarian.

It's a common misunderstanding that only Buddhism has Sects, other Religions do not.

Antisectarian movement seems rare in Buddhism, but why it occurs at all, then?

Personal Reasons.

i cannot meditate because of my mental illness, formerly also because of my parents' catholic background.

My parents feared sects, church warned about these - so they tried to keep me away from meditation.

i think that if i pave a way for others to meditate freely, that karma will return to me & i will be able to meditate again, sooner or later.

That's why i help others to meditate, by helping Buddhism to win against accusations for Sectarian Practices, especially on the Spiritual Level & in the Law Courts.

Current Situation.

Karma Kagyu School of Buddhism under High Holiness Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje steps away from Religious approach to Buddhism, it's more a Science in recent times.

i think we do not wish to be countered by saints, either of the Church or the other Spiritual Factions.

Sects & Meditation.

i try to be a Living Proof that Buddhism does not have to be Sectarian, to Protect others against Church's accusations - so others can meditate without that obstacle.

i think that Sects are separation & lies ... i think that anyone individually can act as Sect, either because of personal stupidity & laziness or because of more dangerous intentional malice, hatred, anger, envy, jealousy, greed & pride. i think that larger, more organized & dangerous sects do happen as well, no matter the Religion or a World View.


i wish that everyone - including me - can meditate freely, without obstacles.

i wish that everyone can practice the powerful transcedental methods of the Spiritual growth.

i wish that everyone can develop fully on any Beneficial & Spiritual Way, even if its Esoterics, with or without Buddhism involved as well.

i wish that everyone who follows Spiritual Ways does not detract from Absolute Truth.

i wish that everyone does not suffer from separation, from desperation or from lies.

i wish that everyone benefits from Wisdom & Compassion, Enlightening Qualities in itself.

i wish that everyone benefits from common points between Religions & World Views.

i wish that everyone benefits from Peace, Calm Mind & Joy.

i wish that everyone benefits from lack of stiff ideas, from lack of constraining dogmas, from freedoms of all kind.



Namaste, blessed be.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Love & Hate, Light & Darkness.


i think it is a Buddhist lesson to not release anger on weaker, on people with worse karma; practicing Four Immeasurables & Patience is the way instead.

People with worse karma are often in difficult situations, are often ignorant & weak.

People with worse karma cause troubles because of their own problems with themselves mostly.

Only Love, Loving Kindness & Compassion can help these people recover from their bad karma & turn them into true friends, into heroes.

Goal of Buddhism is Enlightenment afterall, for every being - it's not the exclusive Tyranny where one being rules weaker beings for his or hers only benefit.

i gave Bodhisattva promise during my Refuge Ceremony, to follow the Way for Enlightenment, for good of all beings; others did this as well - let's keep Enlightened View of Bodhicitta - let's keep helping others instead of draining their resources & time, instead of testing their patience too much.



Namaste, as well.



One can always wish for something to happen in future.

Wishes mature with time, wishing is seeding one's own karma for future.

Wishes can & should be beneficial, can & should help us in our progress.

There are harmful wishes as well, should be avoided & purified.

Personal wishes have less power than beyond-personal wishes that encompass all beings.

Wishes have consequences - karma returns, energy we send returns to us. The more beings are affected with a wish, the more powerfully that karma & energy returns.

Wishes can overlap, one wish can strenghten another wish, can be a part of progressing toward a certain goal.

Sending a wish.

One can wish for something in Mind,

One can write a wish in the Internet, in a book, in a letter, etc.

One can speak, paint, express a wish other ways as well.

What next?

After a wish is made, it matures in Mind with time, then reaches speech & body.

One should carry on beneficial wishes according to priorities, make steps to make them happen. Making wish to happen can be done in many ways, including donating to a cause or investing one's time & work.

Meaningless or unimportant wishes should be neglected, should be purified as well for these are detrimential to our priorities & time as well.


Wishes from this & from past lives form our karma, that determines what happens in this & in future lives, that determines our future Reincarnations as well.

Karma is a name for law of cause & effect that spans beyond one life & death.

Blog author's wish.

i have only one wish: i wish for Enlightened Love with a Buddhist woman i Love, and i know which.

Enlightened Love is a Way for Enlightenment, and Enlightenment in itself, in a way - i think.

Enlightened Love & Enlightenment encompasses many beings, for couples & families should help others as well. Acts of compassion bring people, couples & families together after all.

Rest of my wishes are optional, spoken, written or expressed in other ways to progress with my only wish, or just ideas to consider.

i have only one wish because i do not waste time or attention on something unimportant.



Namaste, blessed be.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

My Drukpa Kunley Way.


While i am mentally ill, being considered sane is not highest of my priorities.

My Highest Priority is Enlightened Love with a Buddhist Woman & i know which - as a way to Enlightenment.

While i try to purify karma of mental illness it's mostly to remove obstacles for Enlightened Love & for being Lama.

i can take medicines for rest of my life, if neccessary; perhaps this will help others more, as an example as well.

i neglected Drukpa Kunley way, for i had insights that people would abuse me too much, but perhaps this has to change for now.


i wish to develop on Drukpa Kunley Way, to develop Enlightening Mad-Wisdom, on the following conditions:

1. this has to bring us closer to Enlightened Love & Enlightenment, not only me,
2. this has to bring closer to being Lama those who wish for this, including me, instead of creating more obstacles on that Way,
3. this has to be not without good sense of humour & mental/spiritual fight (i think that such fight is a cause of good sense of humour),
4. this has to be not without the Arts & good style,
5. this has to dissolve stiff ideas & remove obstacles that hinder our progress,
6. this can be but does not have to be bold, i do not mind going to psychiatric hospital as a consequence (for a while, not for too long), but i prefer not anyway; i am not afraid of that, however,
7. this should but does not have to be Romantic,
8. this should help ill or poor people, non-exclusively,
9. this should involve ecological madness ;)
10. this can but does not have to involve my Mad Science,
11. this can involve any of my ways, or introduce me on new ways,
12. this can but does not have to last for long.



Namaste, blessed be.