Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Transmission Flow's Forms.

i read it's best at the source, by the True Buddha.

When lessons are passed through intermediaries, transmission becomes malformed,
blessing is less pure.

i heard in a Stupa House Buddhist Center that Sangha can be like Pyramid, the Pyramid where Purest Teachings are at the top - in the True Buddha, and lower levels are less Pure.

There's the difference between Spiritual Pyramids & Financial Pyramids as Amway for example,
i think.

It's written in the 'Great Seal' book that Triangle is the Dangerous Form, and Square is being
Gentle Form.

Mandala is Powerfield, a Circle where many beings or phenomena form around a central one.

i think that from Transmission flow's perspective - beings of Sangha can be Formed many ways,
and forms can re-form. Pyramid's Triangle can become a Circle around the Teacher, or in other Form.

i think Harmful Sects abuse Pyramid's structure, not letting lower ranks rise as well,
with middle ranks fighting internally.

as a final note ... i wish to abolish spiritual pyramids of Harmful Sects, as well.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Securing Enlightenment.

i have many ways, many tools that can be useful in the Fight for Enlightenment.

There are threats & risks to Enlightenment as well, that delay.

i have a mental tool, a strategy for analyzing Multi-Front Warfare.

i made an offer in Mind for Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje to use my tools & this strategy to model, abstract & simplify the multi-front of our world, to assess risks & threats that delay the Enlightenment - then to use my tools (Buddhism, Esoterics, Art & Sciences) to address worst threats & risks.

i had insight that i should use Black Magick to weaken three Sects under Ogyen Trinley Dorje, by seeding dissent - as they use lies & sectarian methods that harm, they will be weakened internally, their relations & power will start & continue to disintegrate. if/when they are true to Universal Enlightenment, that includes other Schools including our School & Lineage - they won't be harmed, they can even recover.

i agreed to put effort into that, but not at all cost.

i think Sects are too often harmful, i try to be Anti-Sectarian.

i don't mind if Ogyen Trinley Dorje counters our School's Sects in response - i believe that inner enemies & traitors are far worse threat than any of external enemies, anyway.

i think it's beneficial & enlightening to help other schools & rivals by countering their inner threats, and letting them help us similar way.

i think it's more wise & skillful to counter sects of other schools & rivals than to directly attack sects under our Buddha.

i think we need the counter & help of our rivals anyway, and that we should pay in one way or other for that help as well.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Worlds of Dharma & Worlds of Magick.


i think Buddhism is Powerful.

i think Esoterics is Powerful as well.

i think Buddhism is more integrally coherent, however - there's a lot of efficient cooperation methods that ensure that.

This has faults as well, we are too proud - sometimes worse than gods, in my opinion.

i feel Buddhism considers other ways as inferior too often, especially smaller spiritual minorities. This is disgusting & foolish.

We are not most numerous of Views, there are more numerous Religions, including Islam.

i think we need Allies & Friends, but our foolish & disgusting pride is the major obstacle, in my opinion.

My next move is to learn a Black Magick, to turn Darkness into Light, to work with Karmic Connection, to gain Powerful Allies.

i'll try to Awaken the Black Magick, to learn & wield it's power, to awaken Mind Qualities of appropriate Evil beings - focusing on Lucifer & Lilith the most, including Awakening their Compassion & Wisdom.

i'll try to help in 'hells', to turn darkness into light.

i don't know how much time i need.

i'll try to help Buddhism still, i'll try to keep in touch, but for a while i'll focus on Esoterics more.

i wish to return, however - please be considerate & patient.

i'll inform as is neccessary, but not too often - this is dangerous to talk openly of such evil, in my opinion - others would abuse, or misunderstand.

If neccessary i'll resign from that way for Enlightened & Magickal Love, even completely. But if this happens, we won't have so many benefits, allies & friends.

i do not wish to fall into the 'Comfort Trap' and be too exclusive with my pride with 'hells'. After more or less of 3 years of service in 'hells' (i do not know how much time i need, exactly - it's just a rough estimate) i wish to complete with the Buddhist Correction-Lessons and after that to serve their enemies as well, striving for the Peace.

Then i wish to proceed with my Way to Enlightenment again. We'll see then how it'll develop.

i do not wish to abuse using the Black Magick & other inner values as well.


Black Magick, Awaken!

Blessed be.







Friday, 10 November 2017

Beyond Appearances: The in-depth relations within our Stupa House Sangha.


i think i focused on Buddhism, Esoterics, Arts & other Sciences more than on Computer Sciences because of people in 'my personal Sangha', because of people i took inspiration from.

But now i let other people, the computer scientists from Stupa House Sangha (mostly Borg, Tomasz Klaudel, Kućka - sorry i don't know Your real name & Marcin Barański) in my Mind to draw inspiration from, when Other Ways decide to give them priority. i feel that without their support & without support of older & Wiser Computer Scientists i won't progress very far in Dragonfly Algorithm efforts.

i try to not take things personally or superficially. i try to see the depth.

Certain people dismissed me from Stupa House, to Protect me from too much of Meditation. Even that a certain tensions appeared as a result - it's not all that counts in forming the relations.

i can accept them as a part my Teachers, even if they are younger - but still more developed in Buddhism. if they accept me as student, of course.

As for myself - i accept anyone as my student, not only on Buddhism Way - unless HH Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje Protects me that Way. i follow insights in that decision, don't expect Him talking personally to someone as insignificiant as me. i understand Buddhas are very busy, far too important to personally answer everyone on every occasion. i think lessons are not only words or images, either in direct speech or in other form as in the internet, but also a Mind Contact, Energy Flow, Transmission in many forms, perhaps more.

i do not hold grudge toward Tomasz Klaudel, Marcin Barański & Rafał Olech for dismissing me - they all did this as well ... i just follow feelings & thoughts. i think they meditated to support me, not to 'control insane person under to not be a danger', so i see them as friends.

i perceive meditation as a form of speech that involves body language, smiles, frowns, feelings, breath, voice tone when speaking mantras or other words, mind contact - speech that forms strong connection & imprint on mind (we meditate with open minds, we are very sensitive to stimuli during meditation) that develops into thoughts & feelings - either beneficial or harmful. in case of above people, i think they are beneficial for me.




Namaste, blessed be.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Protection & Responsibility.

As one's life progress, one develops various methods, various powers.

Not only of Dharmic Nature in my case, but also Esoteric & Worldly (Arts & Sciences) powers.

i think it's responsible to not abuse powers over others, to use them only when neccessary.

But when is neccessary?

i think that one should use Powers for Self-Defense only when one reaches his or her limits of suffering, or when one is in enough of danger.

... but it's also responsible to protect weaker, using one's own wisdom or wisdom of the wiser, trusted authorities.

... i think it's also responsible to protect more powerful if they are trusted authorities, using wisdom of wiser, trusted authorities ... or one's own wisdom.

Catholics can say that neglection is also a sin, Buddhists speak of taking over responsibility - sometimes withholding oneself from action is harmful, but often it's better to restrain arms still.

Hatred never defeated Hatred, only Love can defeat Hatred; i prefer Peace to War, anyway.

i think one should follow Buddha's advices, to not take lives of others, to not harm when not neccessary - and when it's neccessary, use least amount of power in the skillful, least harming way that ensures safety.

i think one should first & foremost focus on self-development, on becoming purer, better person, more compassionate & wise. Mahakala Activity is mostly about that - about protecting inner values within ourselves, about staying true to pure teachings, to shine internally. Before changing world for the better, change yourself for the better. As in a Chinese proverb - before you set out to change the world, walk your home three times. That is, check your interiors first, your mind, place where you live - see if there's mess. By mess i understand not only dust or garbage on floor or litter in a corner, but also things that are unneccessary, harmful to the Way.

The more pure internally one is, the more ready one is to protect others & oneself externally, i believe.

i think best of Protection should be Gentle, i think too many focus on Power over Others only, neglecting internal purity, harmlessness, gentleness ... i think one should develop many methods, some weaker, gentler, some more powerful. Then learn responsibility when using these, then use these.

i am not afraid of death, i offer my services as a Gentle Protector on Mahakala Way to Lama Ole Nydahl & to HH Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje, as well as to others whom i trust, in whom my trust grows - this includes Masters of the Shaolin Buddhist Temple, as well.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017



i think too much of trust is a weakness.

i think too much of mistrust is even worse, weakness as well.


As time progress, i trust certain people more, and certain people less.

My trust is growing in:
* a Buddhist woman i Love,
* HH Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje,
* Lama Ole Nydahl,
* Isabelle Meuriot (Nerialka on DeviantART),
* HH Buddha Dalai Lama 14th Tenzin Gjaco,
* Karol Ślęczek,
* Rafał Olech from Stupa House Buddhist Center,
* Meike Herzog from Europe Center,
* Samahita Thera, Bhikku Samahita from Sri Lanka,
* Marek Dembiński (Paldron) from Stupa House Buddhist Center,
* Karolina Boboli from Stupa House Buddhist Center,
* a few of other people.

My trust is weakening toward:
- Rest of Sangha,
- other people.

i think it's unwise to trust those who nurture their egos too much - even if they are from Sangha.

i had experiences that because of selfish motivations & flawed meditation of Sangha, my ego became too auto-destructive.

My ego is creating weaknessess in my mentality - causes spending money carelessly, dragging me into intoxicants & addictions, attacks my attempts at finding work & more.

See also, if You wish: 'Friendship' on 'My Way to France' blog.


May all beings have happines and causes of happiness,

May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering,

May they always experience true happiness, which is totally free from suffering,

May they remain in the great equanimity, which is beyond attachment and aversion.


Raven's Eyes, Awaken!
Pentacle of Mists & Shadows, Awaken!
Hindrances Severing Knife, Awaken!
Raven's Eyes, Awaken!

Blessed be.







Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Loving Eyes through Veils.


This time some thoughts & experiences so others might criticize or advise if they wish.

Loving Eyes through Veils.

At a certain level of realization, perhaps we can perceive through our own senses, but at our whim we can look through other being's eyes, or can perceive other beings' Mind, states, thoughts, feelings.

Had insights that this can be smartly combined - abstract, high level of abstraction thoughts can appear in Mind, that tell in short - without details - how a being, or a group of beings experiences world. Had insights that highly realized beings can quickly access the details if needed - perhaps usually it isn't needed.

Had insights that with a focus, perhaps with closed eyes, Abstract Buddha Forms visions, mantras or other perceptions might appear in Mind, telling highly realized beings - how to act to help many beings at once, which mantras to speak, which practices to follow.

This affects many at once, without wasting time. But i also had insights that highly realized beings can look into details of any particular being, or a group - whenever they wish.

Had insights that our Actions, Practices & Mantras do affect the insights & visions of Buddha Forms of the more realized beings, it's a sort of a feedback, a form of communication with betters on a Buddhist Way - a feedback that might affect practices of higher realized beings, that affect us again, showing us the shortest route to Liberation & Enlightenment.

i've experienced thoughts & visions that spoke abstractly about individual people or groups, but these were imprecise - as seen through veils, through veils of Mind, through ignorance, confusion, through other disturbing feelings & thoughts as well.

i think i am learning that way, my insights about others are seen with Loving Eyes - but through Mind's Veils - so these are idealistic, but imperfect often, sometimes misleading still.

i try to see Enlightening Qualities of others, perceive them as closer to Perfection than they are, but through Mind's Veils still. This leads to initial admiration of their Inner Values & to a disenchantment when in real life they turn to be different than Perfection i perceive in them.



May all beings have happines and causes of happiness,

May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering,

May they always experience true happiness, which is totally free from suffering,

May they remain in the great equanimity, which is beyond attachment and aversion.






Namaste, blessed be.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Refuge, the Hook & Ring Method.

During the Buddhist Course in which i took Refuge in Lama Ole Nydahl, i heard words from Lama Ole Nydahl:

'Refuge works like Hook & Ring - one Extends Hook, then it is caught by Ring to pull up'.

i think such hooks are our weaknessess that we share with Sangha, including our Teachers.

Such hooks can be used to pull someone up or down, either to secure someone against weaknesses, or to use against them.

When i was told to leave Buddhist Center - as too much of meditation would be harmful to me - someone had to carry that message - tension appeared.

Same was when i was cast out from forum because of my mental illness - tension appeared again.

With time i got insights that these people who told me to go away felt that if they won't 'control insane person' (me) as i went outside - i'll be a danger to them.

Had many of insights that they observe me, collect hooks & used often in unenlightening ways - to their benefits.

i think it's irresponsible attitude, to take advantage of someone weaker, to one on insight's way, on 'outsider's way'.

i think we should not abuse hooks, knowledge of friends' weaknessess against them.

i think we should support weaker, letting them advance, instead of controlling them 'under us'.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Training Duels, Dharma vs Esoterics.

Training Duels.

i have experience from Martial Arts.

One learns best when training fights are not too painful, so we focused on skill, not on strength. We still did a lot of exercises, including focus, endurance & strength. But we didn't use too great strength in training fights.

Buddhism is my main Way, but not only Buddhism.

i feel i am participating in Magickal - Dharmic duels, for now i yield to Magick more, as Samhain closes, as i need to catch up with Esoterics.

One of my goals is Alliance & Friendship between Buddhism & Esoteric Ways.

i think duels of Magick vs Dharma will ensue, i prefer them to be gentle & non-lethal, focused on learning, understanding & friendship-making.

i feel that my Dharmic Powers are not great at all, so i learn Magick to compensate. Otherwise i would be too defenseless within Sangha.

Not only Buddhist Circles matter, i think i should Protect Esoteric Circles from Abuses from Sangha, as well - even if i am More Buddhist than Esoteric, anyway.

i'll try to use my reason, conscience & wisdom to not go too far nor too little that way.


May all beings have happines and causes of happiness,

May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering,

May they always experience true happiness, which is totally free from suffering,

May they remain in the great equanimity, which is beyond attachment and aversion.


Raven's Eyes, Awaken!
Cloak of Mists, Wisdom Awaken!
Shadow Pentacle, Awaken!
Raven's Eyes, Awaken!

Blessed be.

... for a more, click, if You wish:
> [ ].







Saturday, 28 October 2017


i think i experienced Samvega, appreciated by Buddhist Monk Bhikku Samahita, Samahita Thera from Sri Lanka.

i think i experienced impermanence & suffering to a certain degree in my life as well.

i think this leads to understanding Emptiness, to understanding ideas of Mind,
of Consciousness & of No-Self.

i think - but probably it's imperfect still to think that way - i think we are Consciousness ... the feelings, mind states & reality we cognize are nonpermanent, are changing, are causes of suffering.

i think non-permanent nature of Ego, as well as non-permanent nature of Self is key to understanding idea of No-Self, is key to Liberation.

i think concept of Ego emerges from early childhood & from previous lives - we perceive something 'external', then this duality makes us separate between 'perceiver', 'perceived object' & 'act of observation'. i read it's false concept, in truth there's only consciousness as a whole, instead - where 'perceiver', 'perceived object' & 'act of observation' are together, a unity, a whole.

it's mostly conceptual thinking for now, my experience is limited still.

i've learned from the Internet Video Lessons of Bhikku Samahita, Samahita Thera a little about Emptiness & related Ideas.

i wish to learn similar lessons from Lama Ole Nydahl or from HH Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje as well, if possible, as soon as possible - but not at all cost.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

What is, and how 'Self' develops ?

'Self' in Buddhism.

Quoting from 'Buddha & Love' book by Lama Ole Nydahl, 'Self' is 'the physical-emotional mixture one believes themselves to be'.

'Self' in Jungian Psychology.

'Self' is alternative concept to 'Ego' in Jungian Psychology; ... in a polish language 'Self' is translated to 'Jaźń'; ... in a german language it's 'das Selbst'.

'Self' is archetype, holding personal unity & wholeness of a human, in both 'individual dimension', as well as in the 'group dimension', in both conscious & unconscious life aspects.

'Self' is archetype of fullness, compleness, of psychological whole.

'Whole' is true source of the meaning of word 'Holy', in Buddhism, probably in other Religions as well.

In this sense, 'Self' is the destination instance of the 'Ego Development', inborn possibility of everyone. But perhaps Buddhism goes beyond that, even more.

'Self' development is related with important ideas, with religious values, with needs, with authorities.

In Jungian Psychology, a human is born with 'Self' - primal, central, soul center. Then ego is created by human & shaped by surroundings - secondary soul center. Self-development & Self-discovery in psychotherapy, return to self, ... - is crowning of the process for building one's personality, of self-fulfillment, of finding the treasure, of discovering the philosopher's stone.

-- Paraphrased from 'Jungian Psychology's Basics' book by Zenon Waldemar Dudek.

See also, if You wish: Jungian Archetypes.

'Individuation' in Jungian Psychology.

Dynamic relation between 'ego' & 'Self', is in Jungian Psychology explained as ego-Self axis.

There's mention of 'individuation', development where:
- 'inflation' occurs when 'ego' closes to 'Self'.
- 'alienation' occurs when there's loss of bond with this archetype or with other archetype(s).

When one tries to develop Self, unavoidable are illusions, fascinations & disenchantments.

-- Paraphrased from 'Jungian Psychology's Basics' book by Zenon Waldemar Dudek.

See also, if You wish: Individuation Archetypes (Jungian).

Monday, 23 October 2017

Buddhism, Psychology & Reincarnation.


i read in Lama Ole Nydahl's book, that Buddhism differs from Psychology in that it has timeless values that reach beyond one life, including the wisdom about reincarnation.

in Poland, psychology & psychotherapy focuses too much on nurturing ego, while Buddhism encourages altruism, tries to understand impermanence, suffering, emptiness as a way.

i am also interrested in ideas of Mind's Mirror & of Karmic Mirror - but i am clueless on how these are related.

i am interrested in other Mirror-related ideas as well, including Psychological Mirrors & Mind transformations, including Magickal Mirrors - skrying or other, material or not, including Quantum Physics Mirrors as well.

i read that Sangha, Buddhist Community, acts as Mirror for one's development.

i think Lovers on the Enlightened Love Way are Mirrors for each other, helping or supporting each other's development.

i wish our Mirrors to improve, i wish that a Buddhist woman i Love to be as great as possible, and i wish to be worthy of her as well, at least.

Goal of Buddhism is Liberation & Enlightenment.

i don't wish to neglect Esoteric & Magickal Development on my Buddhist Way, however - but not at all cost.

i wish to develop Wisdom & Compassion, that will allow us to reach Enlightenment, Buddhist & Magickal - without neglecting ideas in this article too far.

Reincarnation Revisited.