Tuesday, 19 June 2018

a Prayer for a Nice Look & Fragrance.

... i've prayed to HH Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje for a nice look & fragrance.

... to find employment, i need to look & smell nice, my apartment has to look & smell nice as well - that's requirement of my psychologist.

... i need to find work soon to get out of financial crisis and debts.

... i've prayed by lighting a candle on my makeshift buddhist altar, under Buddha's printed image.

... please meditate, wish, pray, cast spells, or do other spiritual practices for me, if You can.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Reducing on Esoterics.

A quote.

'Until recently most available spiritual books were unclear mix of anything exotic and New Age.

Only experienced teachers and their well trained groups could cut through such confusion effectively, protecting mental health, and saving precious time.

But these warnings to solitary practitioners are not the only possible cautions.

Once well embarked on an established road to enlightenment, there still lurk two misleading exits on the highway to enlightenment that are not easily recognized if one does not share growth with a group.

The first is a non-discriminating approach to the soft sciences, a seductive but dangerous exit.

Of course, after becoming Buddhist it makes sense to continue to use of skills like healing powers and a knowledge of astrology, at least as long as they are interresting and can be directed into a Buddhist context without confusing one's meditation or view.

But if in the process one forgets the ultimate goal, enlightenment for the benefit of all, a most precious opportunity is wasted and may not be found again for lifetimes.

The second slippery exit is the targeted attachment to warmly welcomed experiences.

Holding onto them or hoping for them to return can seriously block a person's development and, above all, scare bright people away.

Because all experiences are unfathomable and unsteady, the wish to repeat them always ultimately leads to discouragement.

Trying to carry along the milestones of the past and living in what once was not only mentally develops arms like a gorilla, but the habit blocks progress.'

-- Quoted from 'The Way Things Are' book by Lama Ole Nydahl.


Part of my way is esoterics, but recently it became too heavy burden, like a metal ball chained to legs that hinders progress.

When i tried to practice digital arts, mind states hindered me in that, trying to discourage - with insights explaining that it takes too much of time, which could be spent on esoterics.

Earlier i had to reduce on Martial Arts because of Esoterics, as well - even that Martial Arts are advised for those who practice Magick.

i prefer art & beauty more than power, so when esoterics hinders my progress in art - i have to resign.

i am reducing on esoterics, and on lessons from teachers of Buddhist Esoterics - like of Mira Boboli.

Esoteric Lessons put me into troubles - not only financial, and Art is far more important for me.

i won't let 'Art of Magick & Light' change into 'Way of Magick & Light'.

Speech Practice, including Artful Expression is the important part of Buddhism, which works on Mind, Speech and Body Levels.

Speech & Art are the Holy Practice, afterall - not only because Lessons are better transmitted with developed Art & Speech.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Thangka Art & Computer Sciences Aspiration.

... i am a buddhist, esoteric and scientist / mostly computer scientist / fascinated by Art.

i wish to support or help Thangka Artists, to learn, to create Thangka Art.

Thangka Art is the Holy Buddhist Art.

... first Mahakala Thangka Art, then Enlightened Love Thangka Art, then other.

Not only using Adobe Photoshop, but also using programming languages, graphics libraries & other tools.

... i wish to buy Adobe Photoshop when i can afford, and choose sane offer - not only price matters here.

... i wish to create static graphics, as well as animations and demo applications - starting from
two-dimensional, then continuing with three-dimensional art.

... i have idea of encoding layers in software created by me, i wish to use it, as well as other ideas that i'll find.

... i also wish to create Software for creating Thangka Art as well, that does not require programming skills from it's users, eventually.

See also, if You wish:
* Blog author's DeviantARE Profile,
* Chea's Journal : Fantasy Tales inspired by Buddhism & Esoterics,
* Art & Dharma Teachings Project.


04 VI 2018 update:

... i've bought legally Photoshop CS6 on ebay, have full extended version now. :)

Thursday, 31 May 2018

'Monopoly on Truth' ?

What is Truth?

i like saying: 'Truth is what brings together instead of separating, but honesty is also important'.

Truth can be either relative or absolute.

i think too many - not only of the faith religions - are too exclusive in their beliefs, or too politically correct in following stupid ideas spoken by attractive people.

i think every religion and view has a role, fulfills needs, and i believe that there can be mutual understanding and respect based on compassion.

i think that saying 'Only Buddhism leads to Absolute Truth' or 'Only our God is True', is a sign of being too exclusive.

Too much of stupidity, exclusiveness, fundamentalism, spiritual intolerance, envy or greed leads to conflicts.

In modern times the internet breaks boundaries between cultures, there's immediately available direct contact with very different people.

Without tolerance, understanding, compassion and respect it's too easy to argue, to react emotionally, to enflame dogmatic differencies and view differencies.

It is a responsibility to see each of beings as worthwhile, to understand that we are all interdependent - without each other we won't survive, nor be happy.

In modern times, with advanced weaponry - not only nuclear - lack of responsibility, understanding, compassion and respect can lead to catastrophes, even to destruction of our planet.

It is important to care for others, to support or help those in worse situation - as desperation brings desire for revenge, breeds terrorism, wars and other troubles.

No single religion or view has monopoly on truth - i believe happy families can be together in any society, culture, religion, view or nation. i believe anyone can learn wisdom and practice compassion, can try to develop good relations with other religions or views.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Peace of Mind.

Vesak Altar 2018.

Today is Vesak, the most Sacred Day to a Buddhist.

... i've offered following books & tools to all Buddhas, as well as associated practices:

* Buddha Karmapa 17th's printed image,
* Candle & Light,
* Flowers & Fragrance,
* Mala,
* Legend of the Five Rings Art Piece,
* Book of the Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi,
* Shaolin Warrior Qi Gong DVDs, Volume 1-3,
* Ninja Tantojutsu DVD,
* Buddha's Postcard,
* Shaolin Martial Artist Monk's postcard,
* 'Buddha & Love' book by Lama Ole Nydahl,
* 'Fearless Death' book by Lama Ole Nydahl,
* 'The Way Things Are' book by Lama Ole Nydahl,
* 'Four Preliminary Practices', a book about Ngöndro,
* 'Heart Sutra' book,
* 'How to See Yourself As You Really Are' book by HH Buddha Dalai Lama,
* 'Introduction to the Kalachakra Initiation' book by Alexander Berzin',
* 'Religious Sects' book by Bryan Wilson,
* Mahakala Invocation booklet,
* Loving Eyes Meditation booklet,
* 'The Diamond Perfection of Wisdom Sutra' book,
* 'A beginner's guide to Chakras' book by Naomi Ozaniec,
* 'The Large Sutra on Perfect Wisdom' translated & Edited by Edward Conze,
* Rubber Training Knife for Martial Arts Practice,
* Metal Survival-Battle Knife, a Mahakala's Tool for Holy Practice,
* 'Art of War' book by Sun Tzu,
* 'Lao Tzu's TAOTECHING' book translated by Red Pine.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Tomorrow is Vesak, the most Sacred Day in Buddhism.


According to Karma Kagyu Calendar, 29 May 2018, Tuesday is THE DAY OF BUDDHA’S ENLIGHTENMENT AND PARINIRVANA;

'Festival of Vaishakha'

@15th (Full Moon) day of the fourth lunar month

This is 10 MILLION multiplier day: during this day every positive and negative actions multiplied 10 MILLION times!

This is the Most Sacred Day For Buddhist.

At the age of thirty-five Buddha attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya. This day also marks the anniversary of his parinirvana at Kushinagara.

Blog author's plans.

During this year's Vesak i wish to offer Candle Light & Flowers to all Buddhas, as well as to listen & speak Mantras: Loving Eyes Mantras & Manjushri's Mantras.

i also wish to Celebrate Vesak by Practicing Shaolin Warrior Qi Gong - The Eight Treasures, done fully three times, with Aspirations.

i hope this will set Karma in Motion, for practice's repetition.

i also wish to behave as best as i can during the Vesak Day.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Shaolin Qi Gong Aspirations - Not only for my Buddhist Teachers Longevity.

Today my mind allowed me to train the Shaolin Warrior Qi Gong - The Eight Treasures (or Ba Duan Jin as is known in China), a little further.

i felt blessing & energy, and i think transmission from Shifu Yan Lei - instructor - reached me, so i made certain decisions in mind.

i wished to practice, aiming for 8th - 10th Dan Karate-equivalent, where 1st Dan is 12 years of training and 2nd Dan is 8 more. To achieve that i'll have to train three times a day, at least - but i'll start slowly, with time building up dedication & efforts. That way mind & body won't be shocked or discouraged, and i'll yearn for more lessons. it's proven method of getting involved, of reaching a mind state where one puts heart into practice, wishing for more.

... as for Aspirations, i wish that these practices:

* be Enlightening,
* increase my Buddhist Teachers energy, health & longevity,
* Increase kids of my Buddhist Teachers energy, health & longevity,
* increase energy, health & longevity of my future family, including kids if there will be any,
* lead to full understanding & experience of Shaolin Warrior Qi Gong, useable both in Buddhism & Mantras, Martial Arts, Everyday Life, Esoterics, Self-Defense,
* include protection from energy, health & longevity misuse.

Esoterics, Insanity & Martial Arts.

i understood, connected few dots today - without focus, dilligence & martial arts, my esoterics make me insane.

i need to train shaolin qi gong practices.

i am not living in isolation, and what i do affect me & others.

i do not wish to hurt any of us, so i need to train - for now qi gong, but in future also Tai Chi & other.

Focus on Dilligence.

Problem & Advice.

I need to gather myself from mess, clean up my apartment to qualify for work. My mind is resisting my wish to do it. I am in psychology reactivation program.

i got following advice from a buddhist friend on facebook:

'Use your intent to battle the false thoughts. Or maybe just try to replicate the behaviour of a buddhisattva - Diligent'

... i've asked:


... he replied:

'Sit down quietly and calm the mind. Switch your focus to what you need to do.

Then do it diligently

That may help make the resistance less potent'.

Blog author's commentary.

... i've used to prepare & focus similar way before martial arts training.

It worked so it might work again.

i trained years ago karate, but didn't apply focus to other activities yet.

i think it's great idea to try.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Self-Improvement Wish.

Computer Games are addiction, these destroy my life.

... i am playing games because insights tell me that it's beneficial and helps Sangha, not only by recruiting kids to Sangha.

/ there's a disclaimer with advice and link to buddhist centers list on a computer game-related blog /.

... but this addiction destroys my psyche, to the point where i can't clean mess in my apartment, to the point where i disregard looking nice and smelling nice.

... i am making a wish to get better than that - to delete characters, sell game cards / except for black lotus gift for a buddhist woman i love /, get rid of games, remove game-related blogs & art - unless my mind changes in the way where i can look & smell nice, in a way where my apartment looks & smells nice as well, in a way where i can work and sustain myself financially, as well.


Thursday, 24 May 2018

Building Potential.

Voices in my mind control me, insult, blackmail, make me do things that harm me.

... they can be very persuasive in telling that if i won't obey i won't experience Enlightened Love; they use other dirty tricks as well.

i play computer games, i buy things i do not use.

... insights told me that it's for building potential of others - so they can shine.

... but it destroys me, ruins my life.

... voices in my mind told me that i was 'potentialist' when i suffered playing too much of computer games, and now i am 'potentionalist' - someone higher in 'potential pyramid' ranks but still i feel abused.

... i feel abused also in other ways, inisghts told me that i am in many of 'potential building pyramids'.

... i think this is a result of meditation done improperly, of sectarian practices and abuses.

... why i have to give so much for others, and others do not care?

... i have so much of potential, but my mind denies me realization.

... if this won't change soon enough, i will suicide.