Sunday, 16 October 2016


While Buddha advises against use of intoxicants, let's look beyond appearances, political correctness & hypocrisy.

Using Cigarettes can mean 'better conduct & impressions' in certain circles that need help or support.

Smoking Cigarettes might be Meaningful & Spiritual, as an opening for help in circles that need support.

That's why i am smoking & offering it as a Dana gift in Guru Yoga, otherwise it would be an impropriate gift.

i plan to ditch intoxicants when i'll be creating family, anyway - it's too harmful for kids.


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Computer Games are addicting as well.

i reached depression & mental illness in this life by playing too much in a wrong way.

There were a certain causes, i escaped real life into a computer game world because of:
- Too restrictive, demanding, loud & dogmatic catholic family,
- Children of my age that insulted, slandered, attacked me for tens of years, wherever i went - with rare exceptions,
- Human stupidity & carelessness, as well as too many of stiff ideas - including my own,
- Overworking & Stress - i started to earn for University course without preparation.

Not all of the Catholic Church experiences were so bad, there were exceptions, however:
- Warsaw University,
- Martial Arts Clubs & Schools (BKKK - Bielański Klub Karate Kyokushinkai & other),
- To a limited degree also a XPro sp.z.o.o. - an IT Company that i worked in,
- Rare individuals (Małgorzata Męczyńska - an Artist who played roleplaying games, Agnieszka Jastrzębska - a friend from BKKK, perhaps more),

Probably, however - the deeper causes of addiction & illness happening in this life reach former lives as well, because of my Karma.

it's my fault, afterall.

i still play Computer Games however, to help kids & others - not all of the time i do enjoy, as well.

i am trying to develop ways of helping addicted computer game players that way & redirect them to more Meaningful, Spiritual Ways - among other things.

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i have heard from a Buddhist Teacher in the Stupa House Buddhist Center that on the Diamond Way every life experience is transformed into a step toward Enlightenment, afterall.

On other Buddhist Ways as well - i hope - there are also other Ways, not only Diamond Way.


Namaste, blessed be.

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