Friday, 26 August 2016

Karmic Way for Enlightenment.

Three Ways.

In Buddhism, there are three Ways to proceed in; these ways overlap.

1. Way of Methods.

Includes Meditations in the Buddhist Centers & Prostrations, as well as other Ways.

2. Way of Trust.

Includes the Guru Yoga, meditation on Guru Way, gaining & giving inspiration & gifts; inspiration is the transmission of methods as well; loyality & gratitude to the Wise Guru is important as well.

3. Way of Insight.

Includes Mind Calming & Observation, Speaking Mantras as well.

My Way.

Early in life i've started with a familiarity & a slight fascination with Buddhism related ideas - including Martial Arts; later in life i Meditated as well for fairly a long time; i am very grateful for that.

My way is mostly Karmic Way of Insight, with the Way of Trust initial elements, for it includes other Worldly & Esoteric Ways. it's called Karmic because it focuses more on practical & worldly Karma (karma is the cause & effect law) rather than on the Powerful Transcendental Methods as Meditation or Prostrations, perhaps more.

It's a lesser way lacking Truly Powerful Methods as Meditation, 'lonely outsider way', for i am given lessons in form of Insights without taking space in a Buddhist Center, i am denied the Meditation in a Buddhist Center as well.

Important parts of my way are also Noble Eightfold Way in a form of Dana (spiritual offerings), Sila (buddhist morality) & Bhavana (a form of development including Meditation or related similar methods), as well as Metta (compassion, wishing others to not suffer) & Karuna (loving kindness, wishing others to be happy).

On the Way of Insight, Esoteric powers Awaken & distract, so it requires a strict inner discipline to not detract into a softer, false Way that leads to a different goals more than to Enlightenment; they can be useful nevertheless, despite dangers involved as well. i still think however, that on Diamond Way that i am on, every life's step & life's aspect can be transformed into a Way to Enlightenment - gaining & inspiring friends & allies as well.

Perhaps someday in this life i'll return to a Buddhist Center & enter the Methods Way again - i wish for that, but not at all cost.

i also wish for full Nyndro completion, for a full, Artful & Noble Mahamudra, for everything useful on that way as well - but not at all cost again.

Cravings, Delusions & Transience.

Cravings & Liberation.

Cravings are illusory & delusional, they are the source of unhappiness.

Cravings are 'appetites', for example for food consumption, for sexual pleasures or for cigarettes, for much more probably as well.

Once someone understands their true nature with the aid of the Wisdom & Compassion he or she is free, in a way at least. Appetites are transient as everything that returns to the void, occasionally reappearing as well; nothing is permanent even the void in itself.

Had insights that it's a lesser form of Liberation - it makes sense for me.

In Buddhism everything material is transient (non-permanent), thoughts & feelings as well. Only Enlightenment Mind State is Lasting, perhaps Liberation as well.


Don't be fooled, don't be seduced by Your cravings & You will be free.

Nothing can harm You that way, Nothing can make You fall into degradation if You purify thoughts & feelings that way.

What way?

Trusting True Love for example, or perhaps Your own Mind's Buddha Nature as well.

i think every being should purify thoughts & feelings that way every moment more often.

if we cease to purify cravings for too long, cravings reappear - then develop into habits & increase; therefore we should keep developing purifying methods often as well & use them as well.

Beneficial Cravings.

Not all of cravings lead to bad results.

There are beneficial cravings as well, for example a craving for the Buddha's Power, or a craving for health; one should be wise with them however, not neglecting compassion as well.

Wishes, Mantras & Reference.

i wish every & all beings Liberation & Enlightenment.


Dana-Sila-Bhavana with Metta & Karuna.

Thursday, 25 August 2016


Dana is a form of spiritual offering, an aspect of the Noble Eightfold Way - on Buddha Dharma Way.

'The most useful asset of a person is not head full of knowledge but a heart full of love, with ears open to listen and hand willing to help. Build a longer table and not a higher fence.'

Important Dana offerings include:
- Food,
- Water,
- Clothing,
- Flowers,
- Fragrance,
- Light.



We want to produce Buddhism, not consume it. We want each of us to develop into a temple and not create one somewhere outside. We want to allow each of us to possess the ability to really benefit others. Because we do not want to believe or believe in a fanatic way, we really want to develop everyone’s potential and everyone’s power. You have to understand that you have to stay conscious and to keep producing Buddhism in your lives.

You are Buddhism. Buddhism is not something outside, it is not something else. Buddhism is the way you eat, drink, make love, think, feel; all this is Buddhism. Never have there been so many educated, independent people with so much ability as we find today. This has never happened before. For the first time in history we are on a world-wide scale, held together by friendship and idealism that can produce this wonderful thing called Mahamudra communities. Where we are all really close together, we are already friends, trusting each other back from former lives. There we are really capable of hearing through thousands of ears and seeing through thousands of eyes and learning through each other’s experiences. This has never happened before, we must make it happen. If Buddhism, a view which goes beyond the next paycheck, a great liberating view, is going to live in this world, it has to come from us!

The thing to do is go out and be independent, strong, and shine on all beings; find your own inner strength. We find strength in our groups and centers and we always remind ourselves of the importance of what is going on. The whole outer world is trying to take us away from the important things in life. They are trying to tell us to buy this and we will be happy, go there and do that and you will be happy. Then when you have gone everywhere, done everything, seen everything, when you die you still cannot take it with you. For this reason, please make yourselves strong, rely on yourselves, trust your friends, and work together. Do not start consuming Buddhism, produce it in your own hearts, in your own beds, or wherever else you express yourselves. Give as much as you can, find your inner power and your inner abilities as much as you can. In all the centers we have, the whole group carries the blessing and then this blessing condenses and accentuates itself through the people who are there. It brings them together and it comes alive.

Lama Ole Nydahl - San Francisco 1995.