Friday, 30 December 2016

Meaningful Esoterics.


This blog's author experienced esoteric miracles in his life.

This blog's author heard from Lama Ole Nydahl that supernatural powers are a fact during a Triangle Project Buddhist Lecture. This lecture was probably most important lecutre i've been on, because it was when i took the Refuge in Lama Ole Nydahl.

This blog's author tries to find common points between religions & world views, things that bring together instead of separating - despite obstacles.

Part of these obstacles is inherent to Buddhism, i think.

i'll try my best to remain friendly to non-Buddhists and make meaningful efforts to bring us together, despite obstacles & their reasons that i'll mention in this article.

A Quote.

'Buddha avoided what today is called esoteric.

Although it is touching how some people tried to keep the idealistic feeling of the 1960's alive without drugs through the chrome-plated egotism of the following decades, their purely emotive approach to understanding the world is not enough.

To clearly know mind, one has to perfect all aspects of oneself, including critical reasoning.

Mixing together pleasant sounding spritual fragments from various sources and marketing these as timeless truths bring only sweet confusion.

Even with the finest of new packaging, but without the confirmation of generations of real experience, such mixing does not move beyond the realm of concepts and words.

Real knowledge always moves beyond and has massive power.'

-- Quoted from 'The Way Things Are' book by Lama Ole Nydahl.


i think there are benefits of bringing the ways together, mostly political.

if we can understand each other at least a little, and if we care enough at least - friendships can be meaningful.

i think real politics is not only sweet words & demands, it's also working within own's ranks so both parties can give and take, instead of only annoying each other.


i wish all beings peace & calm.
i wish all beings happiness without suffering.
i wish all beings perfect understanding - of themselves, as well as of their friends.
i wish all beings to reach their goals, to realize their mind qualities fully.



Namaste, blessed be.

Saturday, 24 December 2016


A Quote.

'Karma (Skt., Tib. ley): Literally: action; the law of cause and effect, according to which one experiences the world in correspondence to the impressions stored in mind, created through one's actions of body, speech and mind.

This means that one decides one's own future with one's present actions.'

-- Quoted from 'Fearless Death' book by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Four Foundational Practices.

A Quote.

'Foundational Practices, Four (Tib. Chagchen Ngöndro) translates as 'the preparation for the Great Seal'; also named the Four Special Preliminaries.

With the Foundational Practices, one creates countless good impressions in the subconscious. They build the foundation for the Great Seal.

One completes 111,111 repetitions in each of the four meditations:
(1) Taking refuge and developing the enlightened attitude through prostrations,
(2) Purifying the impressions that bring suffering through the Diamond Mind meditation,
(3) Offering good impressions with Mandala Offerings,
(4) Meditation on the Lama (Guru Yoga).'

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' book by Lama Ole Nydahl.

See also, if You wish: Ngöndro - Beyond the Comfort Zone.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Initiations, Preparation & Suprise.


This blog's author explains his experiences with the Refuge Initiation on the Diamond Way, as well as his understanding of nature & qualities of Buddhist Practices.

Diamond Way Buddhism uses very strong methods that work with Mind, practices that when applied unskilfully might pose a danger to sanity & development.

Please note that i am not very advanced Buddhism, i have only Refuge done.

i think it's wise to confirm my thoughts with more experienced, wiser Buddhist Teacher before jumping to conclusions.

i share this knowledge so more advanced friends might know how i think mostly, so i can be criticized & prepare better for future.

Beginners & uninitiated Buddhists should not assume it's everything, should not jump to conclusions too early, should not assume it's perfect understanding.

Perhaps other vehicles than the Diamond Way - Small Way & Great Way - use different methods as well.

Read or not on Your own responsibility.


At first one should understand what he or she is doing - should read introductory texts, think, ask questions.

i think that every Buddhist practice has a certain goal as well as methods, certain practices are prerequisites for more advanced practices.

First Initiation is called Refuge, it's with it that one becomes officially considered a Buddhist.

After we try & decide that we wish to make Buddhism our Way of Life, when we decide to reach Enlightenment or Liberation at least, we should start to prepare.

After initial questions are answered we speak a certain number of specific mantras - available in the Buddhist Centers. With this preparation, certain symbols are planted in Mind, initial perception & world view adjusts to suit the Buddhism Way more.

Not everything is understood as of yet, however.

Completion of the Initiation.

Then one goes to an Initiation Ceremony with the Qualified Teacher, who proceeds with the completion phase of the Initiation. Things are explained, synergy between thinking patterns are used, things are understood how they interrelate with each other.

It is very strong experience, it's great suprise, mind opens & changes.

i heard & experienced myself very strong positive & weird feelings, thoughts arose & 'clicked together', i saw a vision of the 'White Light' as well as other visions during the Initiation Course. i did hear that many other people have similar miraclous experiences & remain sane after that, nevertheless.

After the course i felt changed, i received blessing, felt great, got a certificate with my Secret Buddhist Name that i won't reveal.

i became officially a Buddhist.

Blog author's thoughts.

After a certain time, with proper literature & insights, i think that on the Diamond Way after every Initiation follows a practice, a build-up phase.

This might require Empowerment, Initiatory course that opens Ways.

We learn Theoretical Wisdom, we practice, we plant the seeds for another step with proper mantras and/or meditations and/or other practices such as prostrations.

When we are ready, after a certain number of preparation steps done well enough we can undergo the Completion Phase of the Initiation.

i think it's when certain 'key words' - that are deeply entrenched in mind - are explained and together have much deeper, more complete meaning - it's quite suprising how much is revealed with a fairly short course.

After the Completion Phase of Initiation our Mind's qualities are complete, we are ready for more.

i think that if we go to a Completion Course we are not prepared for, it might be detrimential to development at least, and even more dangerous than it seems.

The 'Suprise Element' might be 'spoiled', our mind might criticize too much without having enough of wisdom & experience to grasp everything in totality. Even if we have initial theoretical wisdom but did not practice enough of mantras, meditation & other steps well enough - these 'key words' are not deep enough in our mind - then after the course our understanding won't be complete, thinking will change but not the way it should. This might endanger our progress & sanity as well.

Let's not go to too advanced courses for us.

Let's be dilligent, careful & attentive with our holy practices.

Let's not go to courses we are unprepared for.

Musings about Reality & Meaning of Life.


This blog's author is interrested in Buddhism as well as with Computing, Philosophy, Physics - including Quantum Physics - as well as in the other Sciences & Arts.

This article is just musings about the Nature of Reality & Meaning of Life, that takes into account Buddhism, Philosophy and Physics.

i'll consider a few of questions in this an article:
1. What is Real, what's Important?
2. Is Reality Subjective or Objective?
3. Are there 'Many Worlds', 'Many Minds'?

Conscructive critic is welcome, i am not pretending that my understanding is complete.

What is Real, what's Important?

Unenlightened beings do not know everything about Reality. Not everything is said in TV or in the Internet, it's hard to follow current advancements of science or other important facts.

Reality changes with time - as soon as we read about something, many important things happen in the meantime.

We try to understand, we make plans ... but when something previously unknown appear we have to adjust.

Occasionally we lose hope in our capacity to survive or to succeed in what's important for us, we lose meaning of our lives.

i think we should focus on our priorities, i think we should try to follow our ideals & goals - even if these seem hard or impossible to do. Without approaching life that way we won't succeed anyway, and even if we fail - we at least did try.

Most important thing for this blog author is Enlightened Love as a way for Enlightenment, everything else is optional and often a waste of time.

Is Reality Subjective or Objective?

Objective Reality is a world view in which Reality is independent of an observer, in which 'a twig that falls in a forest when no one is nearby does still make a sound'.

Subjective Reality is a world view in which an act of observation affects both observer and observed object, in which observation, observer & observed are parts of a larger whole. In this view 'twig' might not even exist when no one is looking, in which Reality is not determined until act of observation is made. In physics an act of observation causes 'entanglement' - 'entangled objects' affect each other even at a long distance.

This blog's author sides with Buddhism & these parts of Physics that think the Reality to be Subjective.

     - Fallen Beauty by ktBgraceful on deviantART. -

Are there 'Many Worlds', 'Many Minds'?

In Physics, 'Many Worlds' idea is explored scientificially - there are theories that explain Reality as consisting of an infinite number of worlds - both in past, in present, as well as in future. i read that our previous & present thoughts, words and actions determine into which world we'll travel to. Scientific observations therefore can tell in which world we are - where we moved to, instead of telling us how we changed the Reality with our thoughts, words and actions.

In Physics, there's an idea of 'Many Minds' - in this interpretation we do not change worlds we live in by our thoughts, feelings and actions, we change our minds instead. In Buddhism, worlds we perceive as real are plays of our minds, when something fatal occurs we perceive it as death, then go through bardo and reincarnation into following lives - our mind and world we perceive changes. i think that while we are part of one Mind, it's our ego that makes us think we are separate - therefore idea of many minds. i think that by our thoughts, words and actions we change mind therefore travel from a world to world - which world is depending on our karma and by how we experience it. i think that acts of compassion and wishes may bring minds together, of a couple meeting in worlds close enough to meet and experience it as finding someone in a real world. This thinking gives me a faint spark of hope, makes me regain meaning of life at least a little.

Constructive critic & wise lessons are very welcome.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Beneficial Ways.


This blog's author knows that while it can be beneficial to help others even while unemployed,
Lama Ole Nydahl still enourages actively working as well as practicing Buddhism in our daily lives.

i wish to find proper employment, will start to look for work since January 2017.

i wish to find work in Software Security, as a 'Pentester' preferably. i wish to work for 3 years in that field mostly to gain professional experience in Software Security as a preparation for my future projects. i wish to share my income with Buddhism & not only.

i could use support of others, to prepare for that work, to find that work & to keep it as well.


Art-Dharma Lessons & Protecting our Ways.

One of my wishes i did in past was to protect Lama Ole Nydahl's Transmission as an Ethical Hacker & IT Security Expert.

There are many ways to accomplish this, one of them is to build a Secure Art-Application such as: 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Project of mine.

Why this route?

Because the Art speaks Clearly & Beautifully - lessons conveyed with Arts are easier to understand & absorb.

This project also has to be technologically secure, as well as able to serve lessons to many customers at the same time.

With a proper Buddha Dharma & Arts understanding, the Art-Dharma lessons can be analyzed & categorized as well - so proper lessons are given to proper people, taking into account factors as initiations acquired, current meditation practices, as well as other considerations as neccessary.

i understand that succesfully completing this project requires following:
- understanding Dharma well enough - preferably with finding proper advisors that are well-versed in Buddha Dharma,
- understanding Art well enough, understanding the way Art speaks, understanding messages it conveys - preferably with assistance of Buddhist Art-Advisors,
- understanding Technology well enough - including software construction, web-cloud projects related concerns, as well as software security issues, 3d graphics & modelling, audio-video films streaming, virtual reality (i think that in-browser virtual reality will happen in this life), probably much more,
- understanding Processes of Learning & Teaching, including the nature of Cognition - in relation with Buddhism, Psychology, Arts, NLP, Mindfulness, Philosophy & perhaps other Sciences,
- proper initial investments - i am willing to invest my own money for this a project, possibly with mortgage bank credit & other financial solutions,
- patience & dedication.

Knowledge needed to make software that is needed beside computer sciences is called in programmer's jargon a 'domain knowledge'; Usually in an order to write an application properly, customer with domain knowledge is approached by an analyst - then talks ensue. Analyst's reports are sent to a software designer, then software's design & analyst's documentation papers are passed to programmers/developers who fill in whole code details. Then application is tested and after a proper procedures passed to the customer for reports, modification & correction orders if needed. Often software changes with time, as reality changes and customer adjusts his or her needs as well. We programmers say that programming is iterative (repeating in circles) process.

When a programmer knows domain knowledge, however - whole process is simplified, faster, better. Customer needs need to be addressed as well however, so talks are still neccessary.

This blog's author aims to understand as much of the needed Art & Dharma Teachings' domain knowledge, as well. Who is customer in my case? i think it's Artists, Buddhist Teachers & Sangha - even if it's me who will be paying them for their advices & time, at first at least.


i wish for all beings to find best work for their ways, work they love, work well worth their efforts, work that won't waste their precious time.

i wish for all beings to develop & realize their Mind's potential fully.

i wish to encourage all beings to reach Liberation & Enlightenment, without hurrying, demanding or pressuring them to do so.



Namaste, blessed be.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Causes & Conditions.

A definition.

What's the difference between cause and condition in Buddhism?

A cause is a discrete event which occurs before a result.

A condition is not discrete, it is continuous, and must remain true in order for things to arise in dependence upon it.

An example.

If I drop an apple, there are a mixture of causes and conditions relating to the apple falling.

Causes include me picking up the apple, me letting go of the apple, and so forth.

Conditions include the existence of gravity, the lack of any physical obstruction underneath the apple, the apple having mass.

Some of those conditions are very slow to change, and some are not. When the apple hits the ground, the condition of there being no obstruction underneath it will cease, and so the freefall of the apple will cease due to a dependent condition ceasing.

Source: An article in Quora.

Space - Play.


'Nirvana (Tib. Nyang ngen le depa): in general it is liberation from suffering in samsara. In the Great Way, it is the state of perfect buddhahood. Great Nirvana (non-clinging), is the state beyond samsara and nirvana, to rest in that which is.

In this state, if nothing happens, it's the space of mind.

If something happens, it is the free play of mind.

If nothing appears it's mind's space essence.

If something appears it is mind's free play.

And the fact that all experiences can appear is mind's unlimited expression.'

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

A Vision.

Years ago, when i meditated in a Buddhist Center, i was introduced to the ideas of 'mind's free play' & 'mind's space'.

i imagined it as richness of expression, as capacity of karma to appear in great variety of forms.

Considered neither as good nor as bad, 'free play of mind & space' can be a poetic & beautiful way of expressing varietes in our lives, both rich in 'good' as well as in 'bad' events.


After meditation, i started to help myself & others, started to develop a technology, related with Computer Sciences, as well as with many other sciences including Nanotechnology.

Among many related activities, i've started to play with idea of a computer game that would simulate that technology, perhaps to be transformed later into interface to such the-tech.

i made a demonstration of that game's initial ideas (well, quite a failed attempt because of the hurry - still can be done properly in future, i think).

i named that a demonstration 'Space-Play', and hope that it reminds us of impermanence of things, both helpful as well as detrimential.

i hope that this demonstration will show both beauty as well as ugliness of war which can be also perceived as a 'dance of particles' for if we care enough to see bad things with Loving Eyes.

'Nanite War' Computer Game.

Current State.

i wish to continue with 'Nanite War' Computer Game code, but not at all cost.

i think that i still have a lot of time for continuing with game, for there are preconditions for that tech:
- faster computers with more memory,
- Stitie Space 1.2 implementation,
- 'Ola AH' Programming Language.

i think it's no sooner than 2030 before these preconditions will be mature enough to be used in this project.

Ego, Delusions, Stiff Ideas & Mind's Veils.


Every Buddhist has to defeat ego, on his or her way to Liberation & Enlightenment.

It's said by many wise that defeating oneself is far greater victory than defeating countless enemies.

Enlightened Mind can perceive it's own pure nature, without delusions, without mind's veils, without stiff ideas and without feeling of separation introduced by ego.


Without personal ego beings are Liberated, there's no personality that can be hurt, there's no mental barrier of separation between one and rest of beings.

Liberation is a state of mind in which all suffering and the causes of suffering are completely overcome.

Liberation happens through dissolving the false idea of presumed 'I'.

Once Liberated, mind's disturbing emotions fall away.

When the last stiff concepts are let go as well, then one becomes Enlightened.

Mind's veils.

Ignorance, confusion and delusions, as well as stiff ideas, as well as disturbing feelings & thoughts, are mind's veils to be purified before mind can perceive itself perfectly, before mind can be enlightened.

Unenlightened mind often thinks it's body itself and that's all that's real.

Unenlightened mind perceives world through it's bodily senses and through brain, it feels separate from others because of personal ego. Unenlightened mind's perceptions are impure, world's perceptions are distorted by various mind's veils - are delusional.

Enlightened One knows that he or she is Mind, and has impermanent body. This Mind lacks ego so it's both that it's nature as well as that it's perceptions are pure as well as perfect, there's no suffering or other hindrances in the Enlightened One.

Thursday, 15 December 2016


A quote.

'Yidam (Tib., Skt. deva: One of the Three Roots; source of enlightened qualities.'

-- Quoted from 'Fearless Death' book by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Blog author's comments.

Yidam is also a form of energy & light.

Certain people prefer to visualize Yidams, instead of Buddhas during meditation, because they won't trust meditating on Buddha in a human body as a perfect being - fearing addiction to a living person, of mental enslavement as well.

A meditation on Yidam answers their needs, because to them visualizing abstract forms of energy and light, awakening enlightened qualities in oneself through the Yidam practice is not the same as a meditation on Buddha in a human conditioned body.

i heard from a Buddhist Teacher that meditation on Buddha Karmapa, or on Yidam is the same; at first i preferred to meditate on Yidam, now i prefer to meditate on Buddha Karmapa - but can use either method as is skillful.

i think that Yidam practice is more suited for critical people - Buddhism welcomes strict, critical minds gladly, i think.

i think meditation on Buddha is more suited for grateful and trusting students.

i think that the danger of addiction to the teacher, of losing independence is easily averted by 'paying the karmic debt' - as one helps and does meritorous, good deeds for the Teacher, one regains freedoms and can continue with practices - more lessons can occur, more blessings can flow.

i read & think that Buddhism leads to Liberation & Enlightenment, to True Freedom - even if during parts of the way we are dependent on teachers, even when we have to work to pay the karmic debts.


A quote.

'Meditation (Skt. bhavana or sadhana, Tib. gom): The Tibetan word gom means 'become familiar with' and expresses a process in which mind tries to let go of it's veils. For this, one uses methods that bring what is understood intellectually into one's own experience.

On the highest level, meditation means to effortlessly remain in that which is.

On the various levels of Buddha's teachings, different methods are taught, but they can be summarized essentially as calm-abiding and insight.

In the Diamond Way, the most important methods are identification with enlightenment, awakening the enlightened power-field using mantras, gratitude, and holding the pure view.

Just as it was earlier in Tibet, in the caves of accomplishers, so today in the West, guided meditation (Tib. gomlung) enables a large number of people to gain access to the countless methods of the Diamond Way.'

-- Quoted from the 'Fearless Death' book by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Blog author's comments.

Meditation can take many forms.

It can be sitting and counting breaths, or perhaps just being aware of breath, with visualizations, following guidelines and speaking mantras as well.

Calm Mind & Awareness are important parts of Meditation, as well as a proper sitting position is.

i read that even Martial Arts such as Karate can be a 'Meditation while moving', perhaps there are other ways as well.

i heard that there are those who practice Milam, or Tibetan Dream Yoga, to not waste time, to meditate even during sleep. Probably they do not sit as they are asleep, however.

Perhaps there are people who meditate during their whole lives, no matter what they do, no matter awake or asleep.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Buddhism, Politics, Alliances & Friendships.

-=- A Black Lotus & Lights. -=-


This blog's author follows his own Karmic Way for Enlightenment - it's called Karmic, because it's involved with Karma & Samsara more than with truly Transcendental Methods as a certain Meditations or Prostrations.

It's called Karmic & Samsaric Way, because i work with external world, with related cause & effect more than those elites, privileged few that are in the Centers of Buddhism, closer to the best of our Teachers.

Working Alliances.

But Buddhism has many allies & friends already ... why i say so much about forming them if they exist?

i think that relationships need to be maitained, that a political work needs to be done for these to not fall apart.

As i work in exteriors, part of my way is caring for non-buddhist friends & allies, understanding them and representing both our (Buddhist) goals and needs to them (friends & allies), as well as their goals and needs to us, Buddhists. Times change, needs & goals remain but occasionally focus shifts - without political efforts our existing relations would detoriate.

Which groups i do consider?

i care mostly for Buddhism, then for the Golden Dawn, Wicca/Witchcraft & other esoteric groups; planning to look into Voodoo & Hoodoo later as well.

i have mixed feelings about Catholic Church - parts of them i almost love (Warsaw University & BKKK Martial Arts club mostly), parts i try to not despise too much (Modern Inquisition mostly - yes, it still exists). Catholic church as a whole is allied with Buddhism i think.

By 'esoteric groups' i mean any spiritually oriented groups that are not Buddhism - from other groups' perspectives however, Buddhism might be esoteric while their own ways are not.

Understanding the needs.

For a politician to be succesful, he or she must understand groups he or she is involved with.

i try to learn Buddhism, our Way - as well as Esoteric Ways. Without understanding, politics is stupid and next to meaningless.

A Postulate.

Buddhist friends, please consider Esoteric friends and their needs. Let's make best efforts to remain friendly as much as we can.

Buddhist Friends, please inform me of our expectations from esoteric groups so i can think & present our needs to them; please remain to be as respectful, considerate & realistic with that as well, as much as we can.


1. May all beings have happines and causes of happiness (Love & Loving Kindness),
2. May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering (Compassion),
3. May they always experience true happiness, which is totally free from suffering (Sympathetic joy),
4. May they remain in the great equanimity, which is beyond attachment and aversion (Equanimity).



Namaste, blessed be.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Tools for Inner Development - Imagination and Visualization.


During a Buddhist practice - for example during meditation or study - one sees, imagines, visualizes Buddha forms.

Imagination & Self-Criticism.

It's easier to accomplish a goal - for example finding work - when one does not drag himself into depression with detrimential thoughts.

Instead of thinking of oneself as of a 'loser incapable of finding any work', one should regularly imagine oneself as capable person.

But it's not about positive thinking & unrealistic beliefs - these can result in psychological problems if carried too far.

In Diamond Way Buddhism we try to act as Lamas or Buddhas until we become one. We imagine ourselves as possessing Buddha Qualities, while at the same time being aware that it's just an opening, that realistically we are not so developed as of yet.


During meditation we visualize Buddha forms with their attributes.

Buddhist symbolics is rich, spiritual, and deeply wise on many levels.

Mahakala for example carries a knife that severs all what hinders, a skull-bowl with ego's blood and more.

Visualizing this helps us to keep in mind many Mahakala aspects at the same time, to coordinate our activities & thinking.

This reminds us how we should be, what is important for Mahakala activity, and with practice can be a skillful way of keeping attention & focus on being as Mahakala in all of his aspects.

-- Paraphrased & summarized parts of 'Introduction to Kalachakra' by Alexander Berzin.

Antisectarianism & the Initial Preparations for the Kalachakra Practice.

'Introduction to the Kalachakra Initiation' by Alexander Berzin.

About the Book, Schools, Lineages & Antisectarianism.

i read a little.

It's written with great care, education and experience.

Even if it's Gelug School's lesson - it's intended for all four of Tibetan Buddhism lineages.

i try to be Antisectarian and learn from other schools as well, nevertheless, afterall - without leaving Karma Kagyu School under Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje.

i hope these blessings & lessons, as well as my efforts, will bring different lineages & schools together instead of separating.

High Tantra.

Kalachakra meditation practice is a very high lesson; it's unwise to come unprepared or too early.

i do not reach for too much, it would be unwise.

This book prepares for full initiation, as well as for a casual observer's initiations. Casual observers, even non buddhists wishing for world's peace can benefit from this book as well.

i just want to learn Kalachakra Practice-related Sila (morality), code of conduct & vows to be better prepared for when the time is proper for participating in this empowerment - in future.

See also, if You wish: Tools for Inner Development - Imagination and Visualization, Kalachakra, Peace & Sharing, Karma & Astrology, Kalachakra, Deity Yoga, Imagination & Visualization, Qualifications of a Kalachakra Master.

(as i read i'll edit this an article, when/if i can).



Namaste, blessed be.


A Quote.

'Mantra (Skt., Tib. ngag): Natural vibration of a buddha aspect; activates the Buddha aspect's power-field. Many Diamond Way meditations have a phase where mantras are repeated.'

-- Quoted from 'Fearless Death' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Blog author's comments.

Mantra is also protecting sound (sound is conveyed by air's vibration).

i think that there can be visual Mantras as well (conveyed by light - an electromagnetic oscillation of a certain frequencies).

Perhaps there's more.

On a certain experiencing level, all sounds are mantras, all thoughts are wisdom.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Drukpa Kunley & Protection from Insanity.


Drukpa Kunley, also called the Divine Madman of the Dragon Lineage is a holy person in Tibetan Buddhism's history.

Drukpa Kunley confronted people about their stiff ideas, opened minds, opened Buddhism Way to many using controversial methods.

Buddha Drukpa Kunley meditated despite his Madness, was able to reach Enlightenment despite obstacles.

i think Drukpa Kunley protected people from insanity, from delusions, from stiff ideas, probably more.

Delusions & Insanity.

i think that delusions are a form of insanity, but this does not mean that everyone except Buddhas has to go to mental hospitals.

Many people occasionally hear voices when there are none, have visions, think that they saw or heard something but then they understand it was just a trick of their mind.

When people can function normally despite delusions - or even better, if they have distance and criticism to their mind plays - no psychology or psychotherapy is needed.

Years ago i made a wish to protect people from insanity, i still wish for that - unless they attack me or whom/what i hold dear or important for my ways; when i feel attacked i cease to protect attackers for as long as neccessary.

i think it's an act of compassion to spare beings from suffering, insanity and visits to mental hospital or psychologists are a form of suffering.


i know that mental illness is my karma, i earned it with deeds in past lives and earler in this life as well.

i accept and take responsibility for my actions even during streaks of insanity, i try to not let this happen or at least to make this happen as little as possible, with least consequences as well; i am taking medicines, going to psychologists and psychatrists, going to therapy, etc.

i apologize myself and everyone for deeds i did when i acted insane.

Controversial methods.

i can see benefits of Drukpa Kunley Way as well.

By following Drukpa Kunley way i can do controversial things, say controversial and weird words, can do great lengths and do strange things to help people when everything considered 'sane' by society won't help.

i do not wish to use sex as a way to introduce people to Buddhism, even if Buddha Drukpa Kunley did this often; i prefer love to sex instead, and i do not believe in short/meaningless relationships and i do not believe in changing love partners too often.

i do not believe in sex without love, i am enemy of rape, i wish to give a Buddhist woman i Love everything she needs or wishes - even kids if that's her wish.

i do try to gently meditate when i can, on my responsibility, even if i am mad.

Insights, Prejudice.

Occasionally i have insights that people attack me.

Causes are appear as that they do not want to associate with a madman, fearing to be accused of believing his insane thoughts, fearing to be disrespected as madman's friend.

Insights tell me that they believe other authorities, but not me - even if i repeat words of those whom they believe; i think it's prejudice - i cease to protect them in this case.

i can understand that one can choose a teacher he or she wants for a given lesson - not only words written or spoken count, understanding, accents, experiences of a certain teachers also matter. it's wise to learn from more experienced teachers even if less realized teachers know the same lesson to a certain degree. if that's the reason of refusing to accept my lessons - i gently and respectfully bow out without ceasing to support or help those people.

i can understand criticism and checking first before trust.

i can understand taking precautions and learning about me before respect, friendship & trust.

i just do not like attacks, prejudice and violence toward me, that's all.

Fears i can understand, i advise calmness, courage and the HUNG mantra that transforms anger into fearlessness.



Namaste, blessed be.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Mara, Delusions & Mindstream.

'Prince Siddhartha Gautama & Mara.

Before Historical Buddha reached Enlightenment, he was known as prince Siddhartha Gautama.

Recalling story of his life, he was tempted & attacked by Mara with his countless servants.

Who or what is Mara?

Mara in buddhist texts is a character that personifies evil coming from lack of Enlightenment.

In Buddhism satan (evil) is not really a person, but different uncontrolled mind states, that take away our peace & light. Mara is a symbol of unenlightened world, of all negative traits characteristic to unenlightened existence.

Doubts, fears, lacks in trust, lack of faith in Buddha's Teachings and oneself, uncontained desire for sex, fame, rulership, wealth - is a 'world' (world in mind) really sinister - cold, alien, lonely. If we let such disturbing feelings to arise and take roots in our heart, then we are under Mara's rule. Mara is all of listed above detrimential mind states, and not any man or woman with bad intentions toward our souls and all of humanity. No one special comes to buy our souls. If we go to hell, it's because we send ourselves that way on our own.

In buddhism no one is interrested in a devil waiting for us with his fork, and all of our attention is directed to our life, mindset, maturity and responsibility, our conduct and belief in Buddha's Teachings. Satan is a self-harmed by own delusions, hindered by fears personality, that has access to us only when we feel same thing as he. But then his face is only too familiar to us, because it's not any other face than our own.'

Source: an article found in the internet.

Getting Rid of Delusions.

When we see clearly enough how perfect is our mind, when we see 'ocean under waves', 'truth not distorted by a mirror', when our mind perceives itself without veils - we gain certainty that it's worth to pursue a way to Enlightenment despite of how difficult parts of the Way might be.

Mara is just a delusion, a phenomenon in our mind, a monster of our ego that makes us feel separated from others, a monster of our ego that makes us suffer disturbing feelings, veils that hinder our percepts of our innately perfect & enlightened Mind.

i think these delusions can be fought with patience, with mantras, with a wish to win - perhaps with other ways as well.

Source: Buddhist books, my own experience & my insights.

Mindstream: a personal 'film' played before our senses and Mind.

Mindstream, also called stream of consciousness is a 'film' played before our senses through which mind perceives world around. What is a cause of that film? It's just our karma from past lives & current life up to this point, when we thought, spoke and acted - we seeded the seeds of what happens in that 'film'.

Through body & senses we perceive the world around, our brain filters stream of consciousness, our senses convey the film through brain to the Mind. Thus our Mind is experiencer of results of past thoughts, words and actions.

Everyone has his or hers own 'film', perceives world differently, though often these worlds are similar enough for us to communicate, to find a common language.

This film, this world is not real, it's illusory and nonpermanent - what we perceive as real is just a distorted truth. Distorted by our disturbing thoughts & feelings, by veils of perception, by our egos, by our delusions and imperfect view (in this case by view i mean: knowledge about the world and knowledge about mind's nature). World changes constantly as well, by the time light of the sun comes to our eye, a time has passed - we see things from the past and think it's now. By the way we learn something in tv, world already has changed or changes at this moment. i do not know people who can follow the whole of current scientific progresses as these are now, for example - but perhaps Buddhas can, however.

Source: Buddhist books, Buddhist Lectures & my insights.

Worlds - 'inner' and 'outer'.

i read in Lama Ole Nydahl's book that what we experience as an external world is in fact illusion that appears before our Mind - it's internal experience instead.

i know that advanced physics science is in conflict about that; parts of scientists agree that world is subjective, that act of observation affects both observer as well as an observed object, that these three are in fact inseparable; another parts of scientists believe that world is objective, that 'moon exists even when no one is looking at it'.

i wish to Protect our Inner Values with my scientific efforts, to investigate the physical truths & add my efforts to works on theories that will benefit our ways, abolishing stupidity that delays Enlightenment for all beings; human beings often believe what science says, stupid & harmful theories only seed detrimential feelings & thoughts, increase public lack of wisdom & delusions, and delay the Enlightenment & truth recognition by public.

Buddhism, Arts & Sciences.

i live in europe, i wish to work (as an artist-scientist, including computer sciences) & share - with Buddhism & not only.


> [ His Holiness 17th Karmapa Trinlay Thaye Dorje welcomes you to the Wealth of Europe ].

am i a computer scientist?

i think i am an excellent internet applications programmer, using many cost-effective, practical, pragmatic & proven methods with a little of scientific approach in my work as well. it's often an overkill to use a proper scientific focus in a professional webapps programming, it's not as cost-effective as customers want.

yes, my scientific approach with programming is lacking, i envy & admire true scientists - i can admit that.

i think that 'envy' disturbing feeling is related with 'MA' mantra that transforms 'envy' into 'wisdom of experience'. i read it's a duty of the 'Sword Buddha Family' that i try to give tribute to, to transform 'envy' into 'wisdom of experience'. therefore i think i should transform my 'envy', increase and transform ... so i am more and more experienced scientist as well - in a service to Buddha Karmapa & others.

i wish very much to 'sharpen' my 'Ockham Razor of the Scientific Focus' in about 7 years, when i go to University again to study Mathematics this time. i wish to develop sharp, shrewd & strict scientific mind & mental scientific apparatus as well. i prefer to offer mostly technological advantage to Buddhism, friends & allies - not only just money.

i think that 'Ockham Razor of the Scientific Focus' is related with 'attachment' disturbing feeling, with 'NI' mantra that transforms 'attachment' into 'discriminating wisdom' that allows to see clearly 'how things are' both distinct in separation and as a part of larger whole - as in the Sciences that analyze a fine details & relations between objects & assumptions. i read it's a duty of the 'Lotus Buddha Family' that i try to give tribute to as well to transform 'attachment' into 'discriminating wisdom'. i think i should work with 'attachment' to increase my cold analysis and relaxed, stoic approach in regards with Sciences as well in a service to Buddha Karmapa & others.

it's not first day since i try to give tribute to 'Lotus & Sword Buddha Families' anyway, it's written in my deviantID (deviantART profile) as well - i wrote about that years ago if i remember well enough.

what Sciences beside Computer-Related i am interrested in?
it's Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, Biology & Nanotechnology (NEMS - Nanoelectromechanical Systems) mostly.

i wish to do research & scientific development until end of my life, with priority being Enlightened Love, then 70% of free time spent on the Sciences and 30% of free time spent on Arts.

i prefer to do practical technological advancements & advanced technological tools creation - but i am not too picky, if need arises i can do theories & scientific equations instead as well. i've offered Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje all i have, my death, my life as well, afterall.

i prefer to not neglect the Arts - Martial Arts, Digital Arts (Photography & Scene Lights, Photomanipulation with Adobe Photoshop software, Cosplay & Photo-Acting mostly - without getting undressed too much ;) ).

my favourite styles & symbolics are related with 'Martial Arts' & 'Art of Magick & Light'.

my most ambitious of projects is 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Internet Application, still in an early piloting stage:
> [ Art & Dharma Teachings ].

as far as sciences go (sciences are not everything), my most ambitious & important projects are:
- NEMS nanotechnology,
- 'Ola AH' Programming Language creation & documentation.

see also, if You wish or need, ... : My Career Plan, Dana.


Namaste, blessed be.

Buddha Families and their responsibilities can be found elaborated in a book: 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

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