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Karma & Astrology.


This blog's author sympathizes with esoteric movements, but not every Buddhist does.

i think honesty helps.

Vajrayana, the Diamond Way is also called Esoteric Buddhism however, but even then Lama Ole Nydahl warns in his books that joining Spiritual Paths is insanely dangerous, and lacks the proven (by centuries) the experience of internally-consistent Spiritual Ways.

Differing Spiritual Paths might have different dogmas, or dogma-absences.

Two different Spiritual Paths might work well alone, but this does not mean that they will work well together.

This blog's author's way is still to attempt this risky & difficult path - but to attempt to do it completely, with real effort - for a shallow approach will surely fail.

i think it's also open-minded & antisectarian way to not close oneself in a small community of same-thinking people, to reach for others, to help others as well.

Buddhism does not disregard completely Esoterics, however.

The Kalachakra teachings have lessons about cycles of time - external, internal & alternative.

External & Internal cycles is what we experience without Buddhism, switching to alternative cycles by initiations & practices leads to the Enlightenment.

External Cycles of Time include Historical & Astrological Cycles, Internal Cycles of Time include Bodily Cycles - for example breath (if our energies are balanced, each breath lasts 4 seconds) or womens' menstruations affected by the Moon-phases & emotional states associated with these as well.

Karma & Astrology.

'Since the alternative cycles of time are methods for liberating ourselves from the domination of the external and internal cycles - from being under the control of karma - it is essential to understand clearly the relation between karma and astrology. Otherwise, astrology may simply increase the superstition. At the time of King Manjushri-yashas astrological superstition led to the widespread custom of sacrificing animals and even humans to the sun in order to gain good fortune. Therefore the King emphasized that heavenly bodies do not cause events to occur in life. From the Buddhist perspective, no event is fixed or predetermined, otherwise liberation and enlightenment would be impossible.

Every person is born with an enormous array of karmic potentials built up over beginningless lifetimes. A natal chart and the predictions based on it are only indicative of a dominant karmic pattern with which we are born. There are many other possibilities as well. Moreover, an astrological chart only deals with a limited number of variables, whereas karma is infinitely more complex. As Kaydrubjey has said, if natal chart indicated everything, then a man and a dog born at the same time in the same place would have the same personalities and experiences. Similarly, if an auspicious day were favorable for everyone, no one would be injured or killed in an accident that day anywhere in the world. Astrological configurations merely provide possible circumstances for appropriate karmic potentials to ripen. Without these potentials, nothing special happens, and even with them, sometimes further circumstances are neccessary for ripening.'

-- Quoted from 'Introduction to the Kalachakra Initiation' by Alexander Berzin.

Blog author's comments.

i think one can think of astrological configurations as of preconditions for a cause to manifest.

This cause might be part of one's karma, a potential waiting for these conditions to appear.


May all beings have happines and causes of happiness,

May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering,

May they always experience true happiness, which is totally free from suffering,

May they remain in the great equanimity, which is beyond attachment and aversion.





Namaste, blessed be.

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