Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Snobism, Masks & Appearances.


it's not very Buddhism-oriented article, but still an important part of my way - so has a place on this blog, on blog about my way.

... when i did play one of my main characters of roleplaying games, a mage Attentus, he seemed a little snobbish, haughty, he used do smirk a little disdainfully & a little sarcasticly at a little signs of other people's weaknesses.

At sign of his own weakness, there also was a smirk, slightly more sarcastic & depressed however - he was strictly self-honest as that.

This was mostly a mask, a way of keeping a distance to not be hurt by those who pretend friendship to take advantage of his high position in a mage guild & of his a strong magickal powers. in truth he was a modest, a very cautious, & very attentive of what others say & react.

When someone reacted too boldly, he brought them down with something like: 'and what's your name?'

When someone was humble & polite, however - he was modest, mindful & attentive.

-=- A 'false snobism' style idea overview. -=-

Meaningful Conduct & Good Style.

A while ago i wished to develop my consciousness in a similar way, in a beneficial way.

i think it's beneficial to criticize myself & others so we can develop with good style at that.

i wished to develop 'false snobism' in a beneficial & good style way.

Now i start to feel that this wish is starting to bloom as flower that opens - i am very grateful for that, for benefit of all.

i think mingling with Arts helps - thankfully Art is Critical, i should add, as well.

When signs of the Consciousness Transformation & facial/mind/speech/body reactions appear i keep speaking mantras:


So i develop without pride, with modesty, with perfect conduct, style & speech.

i wish it will help to develop good style for all of my friends & their families, including Sangha & those i owe my Karmic Debts to.

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