Thursday, 11 May 2017

My Martal Arts Style Plan & Wishes.

if possible, i would be honored to visit Shaolin Temple in this life & to participate in a lesson, at least once. preferably the qi gong course, so my martial arts should be an Enlightening Activity, for benefit of all.

so far i did train in many martial arts - summing to about 5 years in total, mostly in the Kyokushinkai Karate local club (4 years).

i wish to create my own Martial Arts style in this life, and to reach 2nd Dan in it. i wish to train others as well, mostly to open the Way to Buddhism for others.

i am also a scientist, i don't wish to insult Great Masters by claiming 10th Dan as a creator. i know my style will have limited combat potential as well, considering less time to required to practice & 'master' it.

ideas used for my modern-weapons style plan are: 'Kokutsu-Kiba Aiki-Tsuki Knife Gun' ... gas gun is nonlethal modern weapon, knife is for conserving ammo, for close-combat or throwing.

modesty, honesty, gentleness, calmness, peace, morality (sila), footwork, movement, qi gong, atemi, ki, mindfulness, breathing & mantras are important parts of this style plan as well. any mantras, but most importantly: HUNG mantra that transforms anger into fearlessness - possibly shouted as Kiai, but also spoken quietly in Mind.

i wish to be a Buddhist Lama as soon as possible as well, i took the Refuge in Lama Ole Nydahl about 10 years ago. unfortunately i am mentally ill, but i attend to therapy to not seed bad karma, i am still responsible for actions i do during my streaks of insanity.

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