Monday, 12 December 2016

Tools for Inner Development - Imagination and Visualization.


During a Buddhist practice - for example during meditation or study - one sees, imagines, visualizes Buddha forms.

Imagination & Self-Criticism.

It's easier to accomplish a goal - for example finding work - when one does not drag himself into depression with detrimential thoughts.

Instead of thinking of oneself as of a 'loser incapable of finding any work', one should regularly imagine oneself as capable person.

But it's not about positive thinking & unrealistic beliefs - these can result in psychological problems if carried too far.

In Diamond Way Buddhism we try to act as Lamas or Buddhas until we become one. We imagine ourselves as possessing Buddha Qualities, while at the same time being aware that it's just an opening, that realistically we are not so developed as of yet.


During meditation we visualize Buddha forms with their attributes.

Buddhist symbolics is rich, spiritual, and deeply wise on many levels.

Mahakala for example carries a knife that severs all what hinders, a skull-bowl with ego's blood and more.

Visualizing this helps us to keep in mind many Mahakala aspects at the same time, to coordinate our activities & thinking.

This reminds us how we should be, what is important for Mahakala activity, and with practice can be a skillful way of keeping attention & focus on being as Mahakala in all of his aspects.

-- Paraphrased & summarized parts of 'Introduction to Kalachakra' by Alexander Berzin.

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