Saturday, 10 December 2016

Buddhism, Arts & Sciences.

i live in europe, i wish to work (as an artist-scientist, including computer sciences) & share - with Buddhism & not only.


> [ His Holiness 17th Karmapa Trinlay Thaye Dorje welcomes you to the Wealth of Europe ].

am i a computer scientist?

i think i am an excellent internet applications programmer, using many cost-effective, practical, pragmatic & proven methods with a little of scientific approach in my work as well. it's often an overkill to use a proper scientific focus in a professional webapps programming, it's not as cost-effective as customers want.

yes, my scientific approach with programming is lacking, i envy & admire true scientists - i can admit that.

i think that 'envy' disturbing feeling is related with 'MA' mantra that transforms 'envy' into 'wisdom of experience'. i read it's a duty of the 'Sword Buddha Family' that i try to give tribute to, to transform 'envy' into 'wisdom of experience'. therefore i think i should transform my 'envy', increase and transform ... so i am more and more experienced scientist as well - in a service to Buddha Karmapa & others.

i wish very much to 'sharpen' my 'Ockham Razor of the Scientific Focus' in about 7 years, when i go to University again to study Mathematics this time. i wish to develop sharp, shrewd & strict scientific mind & mental scientific apparatus as well. i prefer to offer mostly technological advantage to Buddhism, friends & allies - not only just money.

i think that 'Ockham Razor of the Scientific Focus' is related with 'attachment' disturbing feeling, with 'NI' mantra that transforms 'attachment' into 'discriminating wisdom' that allows to see clearly 'how things are' both distinct in separation and as a part of larger whole - as in the Sciences that analyze a fine details & relations between objects & assumptions. i read it's a duty of the 'Lotus Buddha Family' that i try to give tribute to as well to transform 'attachment' into 'discriminating wisdom'. i think i should work with 'attachment' to increase my cold analysis and relaxed, stoic approach in regards with Sciences as well in a service to Buddha Karmapa & others.

it's not first day since i try to give tribute to 'Lotus & Sword Buddha Families' anyway, it's written in my deviantID (deviantART profile) as well - i wrote about that years ago if i remember well enough.

what Sciences beside Computer-Related i am interrested in?
it's Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, Biology & Nanotechnology (NEMS - Nanoelectromechanical Systems) mostly.

i wish to do research & scientific development until end of my life, with priority being Enlightened Love, then 70% of free time spent on the Sciences and 30% of free time spent on Arts.

i prefer to do practical technological advancements & advanced technological tools creation - but i am not too picky, if need arises i can do theories & scientific equations instead as well. i've offered Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje all i have, my death, my life as well, afterall.

i prefer to not neglect the Arts - Martial Arts, Digital Arts (Photography & Scene Lights, Photomanipulation with Adobe Photoshop software, Cosplay & Photo-Acting mostly - without getting undressed too much ;) ).

my favourite styles & symbolics are related with 'Martial Arts' & 'Art of Magick & Light'.

my most ambitious of projects is 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Internet Application, still in an early piloting stage:
> [ Art & Dharma Teachings ].

as far as sciences go (sciences are not everything), my most ambitious & important projects are:
- NEMS nanotechnology,
- 'Ola AH' Programming Language creation & documentation.

see also, if You wish or need, ... : My Career Plan, Dana.


Namaste, blessed be.

Buddha Families and their responsibilities can be found elaborated in a book: 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.

... this article can also be found on deviantART.

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