Sunday, 30 October 2016

Protecting Enlightened Love.


Love should be cared for, nurtured, otherwise it falls apart.

We should think about Enlightened Love as often as possible.

We should Protect Love as is neccessary, as well.


Namaste for a Buddhist friend, Hanna Łubek, who gave me this lesson - she told me that Love should be cared for, otherwise it detoriates and falls apart.

Namaste for others who did teach me related lessons, as well.



The lotus has been used in many teachings of Buddhism to impart the true nature of all mankind.

The roots of the lotus plant are stuck deep in the mud, but it still grows above murky water and blossoms into a beautiful, sweet-smelling flower.

The lotus can be analogous to how we rise up from our sufferings to reach enlightenment, beauty and clarity.

Different-colored lotus plants mean different things in Buddhism.

White means spiritual and mental purity, pink means the traditional Buddha, purple is for mysticism, red means love and compassion, while blue means wisdom.

The parasol or umbrella.

An umbrella can protect people from the different elements, like the sun or the rain.

In this context, a parasol or umbrella can mean protection from suffering and harmful forces.

It can also mean the enjoyment of the cool shade it provides.

Source: Buddhist Symbols.


Mahakala is Buddhist Protector, Protecting Energy, Wrathful Deity in Buddhism.

A wish.

i wish to learn & develop Buddhist means of Protecting Enlightened Love,

... to not be overcome by anger or other disturbing feelings when something or someone endangers our Love,

... either in mind, or in the external world.

Purifying the Causes of Suffering.

Dangers to Enlightened Love have Causes.

These causes have to be learned & addressed properly.

'How does one purify karma that causes pain?

This happens through four stages of one's inner attitude:
- First, one realizes that one has caused pain.
- Second, one wishes to remove what is disturbing.
- Third, one makes the firm decision not to do it again.
- Fourth, one consciously decided to act in the opposite way.'

-- Quoted from 'Buddha & Love' by Lama Ole Nydahl.



Namaste, as well.

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