Saturday, 15 October 2016

Golden Dawn Politics.

Simplified & Derived from the Golden Dawn resources:
(perhaps i shouldn't join contexts, perhaps there are conflicts that i've foolishly skipped).

Circle is God, Spirit, the whole existence,
The square means the physical world, the material body,
Triangle is the Spirit, Soul internally inside as our own ourself,
... the "I", which exists in this plane only for humans.

it's also macrocosm, cosmos & microcosm.

it's also Father, Son & Holy Spirit.


i am a Buddhist but not apostate anymore.

Closer to the Rosicrucian Catholic Church & Golden Dawn?

... i said 'Our Father' - part of Prayer (2 words only) as a gesture of friendship with the Catholic Church.

i wish for good politics with Catholic & Rosicrucian part of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as well.

if there's good deed for getting rid of anti-church apostasy, if it can be given, i give it to the Rosicrucian & Catholic part of the Golden Dawn as a noble & political token gift for a start of relations.


i still wish to remain Buddhist however, do not want to convert.

i am more interrested in meaningful politics (so i learn Magick up to Ipsissimus level - to know the Way, Arguments & Needs of the Golden Dawn) to help forming esoteric alliances for Buddhism for the times of crises.


Namaste, as well.

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