Monday, 5 September 2016

Sects, Antisects, Mystical Weapons.

My way.

i strive for Truth that brings together instead of separating, i try to be Antisectarian Buddhist.

Sect is separation & lies, Antisect is also a sect that counters Sects, Antisect that i will create will have aspirations to Religion as a Way, then to Science related with the Law of Cause & Effect ...

Religion is from a latin word 'Religare' or 'Reunion'.

Experiences with Mystical Weapons of the Sects.

One day in a Buddhist Center i was told that meditators will show me something.

They spoke Mantras that sounded like common words about heat & cold, i panicked.

As i tried to struggle & escape, paralysis overcame me, i felt heat & cold in turns as well; both paralysis, cold & heat lessened as i ceased then reappeared as i resumed fleeing; this happened few or more times in turns.



While i am antisectarian, i know that Sects Protect me as well.

Without Sects i would not survive.

i think Sectarian weapons are important part of self-defense in the Buddhist Way.

i think best way to neutralize sect is to serve so they do not need to use Sectarian Mystical or other Weapons; Killing them is not a very good idea, they would Reincarnate anyway.


i agreed to help in 'Heating & Freezing' Sectarian Mystical Weapon development, using Art of Magick & Light, perhaps for more as well.

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