Sunday, 18 September 2016

Samadhi & Jhana.


Samadhi refers to a state of still mind, it's in an essence a state of deep concentration unaffected by external stimuli. Samadhi is not about isolation from the world, but on such unification with it - that is free from clinging to phenomenas.


Jhana is a meditative state of profound stillness and concentration in which the mind becomes fully immersed and absorbed in the chosen object of attention. It is the cornerstone in the development of Right Concentration.

Blog author's experiences & insights -- written on 28.06.2017.

A while ago i got insight that i got Samadhi (2 basic steps of practice) from my Zen Meditation - both in Martial Arts Lessons, as well as in a Zen meditation at a Zen Buddhism Center, 'ZBZ Bodhidharma'.

This did mature after years, when i talked via internet with Zen Buddhists - i felt much of calmness in my ill mind after that.

Recently i got insight that 3rd Samadhi level is initiated in me, and once i master it i'll move to Jhanas.

i got insight that Lama Ole Nydahl & other Teachers of Tibetan Buddhism don't mind that - it should enhance my practice instead of disrupting it.

i got insight that once i master both Samadhi & Jhana i'll be able to focus on learning, or on doing something, or on any of objects (as in Jhana) - while retaining general awareness & mindfulness of what's in & around me (as in Samadhi). i'm eager to experience this, because for now i have troubles focusing on learning, my focus isn't perfect yet - despite my meditation experience. Focus & Learning are important in any way of life, including Sciences & Arts.

i got insight that this won't hinder my Guru Yoga, nor Enlightened Love, nor other important Tibetan Buddhism Practices.

There was more as well.

i am very grateful for that all.

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