Monday, 12 September 2016

Liberation & Abolishing Thrones.

i had insights, i read about this as well.

Buddhism is not a Slavery, it Leads to Liberation & Enlightenment, even if on the Way one often Serves & Learns.

It's said that any of debts - including the Karmic Debts for Lessons - take away the Freedoms.

Acts of Compassion do help - to pay the debts however - even more when done Wisely at that.

i think it's a Noble Way to Share & Give, to pay the Karmic Debts on time, without delaying too much.

It's said that every work ennobles.

Nothing is permanent, no heaven, no rule.

Had insights that every Buddhist Student learns how to abolish the Thrones, how to abolish even the Gods, as we help we gain the Wisdom, Advantages, Power & Strength.

It's also a part of the Way to use that Wisdom & Power, for the benefit of all.

i think it's only sane that way, otherwise it would be Tyranny & Sect, it would be building one's happiness & success on the other beings' unhappiness & work.

i think it's also my Way, to reach Liberation & Enlightenment as well.


Namaste, as well.

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