Saturday, 24 September 2016

Worthy Allies & Friends.


This blog's author is interrested not only in Buddhism, but also in the Esoteric Circles.

This blog's author feels it's beneficial to form friendships & alliances.

Recent Thoughts.

Had insights, thoughts appear in Mind.

i am thinking about friendship & alliance i am helping to form ... sides are Buddhism, Witchcraft/Wicca & Rosicrucian Catholic Church for now. (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn's Imperator, David Griffin, is Rosicrucian afterall).

We are all important, we can achieve more being together.

Thoughts appear that if we trade wisdom & protect each other - we'll be closer.

Most important common enemies for this alliance would be terror & inquisition, as well as sins that attract those enemies.

Lessons from the past similar alliances should be brought to light & remembered again. we should think about Buddhas & Bodhisattvas of Wisdom & Protection, about Wiccan Godesses & Gods, about Catholic Saints.

With wisdom trade our power & skillful means will grow, we'll understand each other better.

With protections built on each side we'll feel more secure & respect each other more.

With respect, security & mutual understanding a friendship can arise with time by itself - i hope.


Namaste, blessed be.

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