Friday, 16 September 2016

Dharma Realization Level & Happiness.


... this has occured to me, i think it's true.

... i think i read, experienced & understood enough - to share without introducing too much of the confusion to the reader.


'Realization' is an act of making something 'Real', transforming an idea occuring in mind into something real, tangible - for example by painting an image that expresses something, constructing an electronic device, or writing an article on a blog.

Realization Level.

'Realization Level' is a measure of how much, how well, how deeply something was Realized.

Dharma Realization Level.

'Dharma Realization Level' is a wording, a phrase that points to the amount of time & effort someone put to Realize Dharma, Buddha's Unsupparsable Teachings, in his or her life.

It's a way of saying that someone accomplished something significiant, not only understood but also worked with the understood ideas, transformed his or her life, as well as other lives ... developed both wisdom & compassion in a certain way.

There are different lessons, different Dharmas, different aspects of the Buddha's Way.

i think that every Dharma - when understood & applied correctly - leads to the better Karma, closes someone to the Enlightenment as well.

i think that a certain Dharma Lessons are best applied together, are more synergic than other Dharma Lesson combinations, but i am not sure of that.

i think that Lesser Dharmas combined together amount to the Higher Dharmas, Greater Ways, but i am not sure of that still - even if my experiences seem to confirm.

Happiness Level.

i think that it's a Buddhist Lesson that 'Happiness Level' is determined by:
- someone's Karma - including one's Mind state, as well as the 'External Situation',
- someone's Dharma Realization Level.

i think it's true at least up to Liberation - i didn't attain the Liberation yet.

i think i read that after Liberation the rules change, Liberated beings are happier as well.

Experiences, Feelings & Security.

Had insights that what we call 'Experience Level' (PL.: 'Poziom Przeżywania') is about Feelings & Security.

A highly-realized being on a Dharma Way, with a high 'Experience Level' feels great, has energy, emanates happiness as the Sun - everywhere he or she goes.

It's said that on a 'High Experience Level', 'Every Sound is a Mantra, Every Thought is a Wisdom'.

The 'Experience Level' amounts in this case to the 'Intensity of Happiness' & 'Energy Available'.

Had insights that this a 'Happines Feeling' & 'Energy' guides everyone somewhere, as a 'Light Source' - either to the 'Enlightenment' or to something false.

Other insights explained that occasionally, when danger appears - other feelings arise - from a pain to shivers, their intensity & effectiveness depending on the Karma, Danger, & Dharmas Realized, and Dharma Realization Level.

... that being said, i can't confirm this paragraph nor deny it completely,

... curious ones should check on their own, i think.

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