Saturday, 11 February 2017

Important Buddhist Teachers & my experiences from the Refuge & from the other Buddhist Courses.

Blog author's experiences.

The most important days of my Buddhist Way were when i took Refuge in Lama Ole Nydahl, when i took Bodhisattva Promise as well.

Before this happened, i did prepare by practicing proper meditations, by speaking proper mantras; i bought a small book in 'Stupa House' Buddhist Center, in which these were explained.

The course was memorable, beautiful, positive & intense.

i had hallucinations - Lama Ole seemed strange when i looked, later i had insight that Lama Ole appeared to me in the 'Protector Form' - i don't know if this insight is true, however. i had also seen moments when 'White Light' filled my vision, i don't know why or for what purpose. My thoughts seemed open to Lama Ole, he answered my questions as they appeared in mind - i do not know nature of this phenomenon as well.

There were other Teachers with their own Lectures as well, Tomasz Lehnert was one of them. He also looked similar to Lama Ole in the 'Protector Form' at times.

With Refuge taken, i became officially a Buddhist.

It was a 'Great Victory' these days, quoting words of Lama Ole Nydahl's spoken at the end of the course.

The Most Important Teachers for this blog's author.

i think that the most important Buddhist Teachers, from my perspective at least, are:
- Lama Ole Nydahl - the Teacher i took Refuge in,
- Hannah Nydahl - she assisted Lama Ole Nydahl in the Refuge Ceremony,
- Tomasz Lehnert - participated in our Refuge's Course, and during another Lecture answered my question about difference between Beings & Phenomena,
- Karol Ślęczek - Buddhist Teacher & Philosopher, had Lecture about the 'Heart Sutra' that i did participate in,
- Leszek 'Misiek' Nadolski - Buddhist Teacher who helps in Kuchary Retreat Center - where Enlightenment Stupa & Miracle Stupa are located,
- Mira Boboli - Buddhist Teacher & Occultist (perhaps not anymore), important & involved in Buddhist activities & politics in Poland,
- Marcin Barański - Buddhist Teacher & a Computer Scientist who had a Lecture about Ngöndro that i did participate in,
- Klaudia Żerebiec - Buddhist Teacher who had a Lecture about Enlightened Love that i did participate in,
- Rafał Olech - important Buddhist Teacher & Artist.

All of the mentioned teachers are actively working for the benefit of all beings, actively involving themselves in Buddhist activities as well.

There are other important Buddhist Teachers for me as well, either i did meet them in person or did not.




Namaste, as well.

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