Thursday, 12 January 2017

Calm Abiding.

A Quote.

'Shinay (Tib., Skt. shamatha): A meditation method also called tranquil mind or calm-abiding;

While meditating on an actual, imagined or abstract object, one practices letting the mind be one-pointed and dwell without distraction.

In both Sutra and Tantra, shinay is the foundation for recognizing the true nature of mind.'

-- Quoted from 'Fearless Death' book by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Blog author's situation & comments.

Thanks to Buddhism i've experienced a lot of joys & blessings.

There were times of tranquility & calm, as well as times when mental ilness symptoms (harmful voices in head & urges mostly in my case) & purifications gave me no peace.

Recently i have too much of joys mixed with purifications that are experienced mostly as confusion, anger & mental ilness symptoms.

i need more of the tranquility & calm, more distance to people, thoughts & feelings, less of activity as well.

Perhaps i'll try to Meditate on Light & Breath again, i think it's a form of advanced Calm Abiding Meditation where Focus is on breath.

i'll keep speaking proper mantras as well.

i hope there will be no detrimential effects on my mind, and if/when i'll need more excitement in life - i'll try Tonglen Meditations (Meditation on Giving and Taking) again.

These meditations are available in Lama Ole Nydahl's books.


i wish all beings to be healthy in mind & body.

i wish all beings to be able to experience both calm as well as joy as they need.




Namaste, as well.

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