Saturday, 14 January 2017

Training the Mind.


Since years i am almost constantly practicing non-attachment, non-aversion as a way to calm mind.

Since years i feel i have a mind contact with others, i feel i am helping many kids & adults to be calmer.

It seems that when thoughts & feelings are shared, calmer person can affect other people's thoughts & feelings in a beneficial way.

Challenges & Aspirations.

Occassionally the thoughts & feelings i share - as well as my own karma - 'explode', for example when there's too much of anger or other negativity; then i suffer from mind ilness symptoms: voices, urges, loss of control over body & speech.

Training Mind seems to be similar to Karate lessons - it takes time, effort & occasionally hurts. Even more - there's short meditation on breath before Karate lessons, and many think that Karate is a 'meditation while moving'. Certainly a calm mind & focus is an advantage during training & fights, it also helps to not harm training partners, as well as to perform exercises with the great precision.

While i could handle such 'explosions' until now, i am trying to find work - these self-control, style & sanity losses hinder me in having normal life of a working person.

While forgetting oneself & helping others beyond the comfort zone is a very fast development, true compassion should affect all beings - including myself.

I should not sacrifice myself for others, i should also care for myself. When i'll have surplus, when i am not so disturbed by helping others i can truly benefit them.

Perhaps there are ways to help more difficult people in larger numbers without suffering style & sanity loss; perhaps there are mind qualities that let beings do that. If that is true, i wish to 'invest' my time, good karma & energy into developing these qualities to be able to help more difficult cases in larger amounts.

i think i should meditate & focus before all important activities of mine - including Sciences & Arts, including my Professional Computer Sciences. Computer Sciences can benefit mostly from calm mind, focus, imagination, creativity, simplicity, common sense, discipline, dilligence, scientific reason & abstract thinking. i wish to develop appropriate meditations & mind qualities as well.

Is a Mind Contact a Telepathy & Empathy?

Many people believe in parapsychology, i do as well - even if i am skeptical & critical.

i think that people can perceive both through five senses, as well as through the mind itself.

i think there are many types of mind contact, all are about sharing thoughts & feelings with others.

i think that conversation or even just being together for a while can initiate mind contact, can make people think about the same things, can make feel similarly as well.

There's a body language & expression of the Art, seeing partner's behavior, clothing & jewelry also says something, affects thoughts & feelings.

More than that, i think that mind contact can happen through seeing a paint in a gallery, liking/commenting a facebook post, looking at a photo, speaking a mantra, meditating together, reading, writing, liking or commenting a blog article; there are other ways as well.

When a mind wanders into a certain direction, it's closer to minds of other beings who think & feel similarly - it's when thoughts & feelings are shared.

i think that having gentle & sensitive mind and a small 'ego barrier' helps to make an aware mind contact as well.

Monkey Mind.

'Monkey Mind' is a Buddhist term meaning 'unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable'. Monkey Mind is characterized by it's constant chatter, by disturbing thoughts & feelings appearing often, distracting.

i think that causes of the Monkey Mind can be:
- one's own karma,
- mind contact with monkey minds of others.

How to tame the Monkey Mind?

While i am not expert, i read a little; i'll try to tame my monkey mind by:
- calming mind with non-attachment & non-aversion,
- observing mind, trying to understand nature & causes of 'the disneyland' of disturbing feelings & thoughts; it's written that once someone understands nature of a disturbing thought/feeling it is purified & disturbance leaves mind,
- silently talking to my monkey mind, enouraging it to a task of relaxing & observing breath as an alternative to it's constant chatter-plays,
- practicing Meditation on Light & Breath.

i think that these methods can also 'break mind contact', making mind wander to 'breath awareness' instead of following the monkey-like disturbing thoughts & feelings.

it's written & known fact that breathing is a bridge between conscious & subconscious - as we can breathe consciously, controlling the process - or subconsciously, 'automatically'; i think that breath awareness is a key to understanding oneself, one's mind as well; breathing meditations open a way of insight as well - i think these insights can be telepathic/empathic or just a talk with one's subconsciousness & creativity - or both at once.




Namaste, blessed be.

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