Saturday, 18 March 2017

Insight & Trust Way, Why?


Years ago i've meditated at a Buddhist Center - in the Stupa House in Warsaw, Poland, Europe.

This was the Diamond Way meditation, the Vajrayana meditation; there's no Vajrayana without the Teacher, the Lama (Skt.: Guru) who joins blessings, methods & protection.

This meditation helped me to recover from Depression mental illness, then i've suffered from a Psychotic Episode, leftovers of my mental illness. Psychology/Psychiatry explains that Psychosis & Schizophrenia can be caused by a Depression.

Over time my Psychosis evolved into Schizophrenia, worse & longer case of Psychosis.

I got advised by Lama Ole Nydahl to do everything i do with a Calm Mind, to proceed with the Mantra Practice.

My Way.

As my Mind reaches it's Calm, insights appear - explaining even complex parts of Buddhism, Computer Sciences & other topics that i had little or no experience with in this life. As my insights are mixed with schizophrenia's symptoms - i usually check their truthfulness using books, the internet and/or other means. i try to not yield to harmful symptoms, and i advise mentally ill people to not believe everything they hear or notice in mind as well.

While Buddhism encourages Critical & Logical Mind, i was told by a Buddhist friend that it's not worth to criticize & check the same thing over and over without end.

As i grew older i was overwhelmed by world's complexity, i lost faith in reaching my goal of Enlightened Love & Enlightenment by my own reasoning & logic; i've understood that i do not have time to waste, checking & criticizing every of the small details of the Way took too much time - i had to trust someone who seemed Wiser & Nice as well - i've entered the Trust Way to save time, even if it is risky - especially for people with bad karma, i think; i've acted that way because of desperation & lack of time, without belief & trust in Buddha's Wisdom & Compassion i'd suicide.

Other Ways.

For those interrested in Buddhism, but not willing to trust & risk too much there are other Buddhism's Schools, Ways & Lineages than Vajrayana.


May all beings have happines and causes of happiness,

May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering,

May they always experience true happiness, which is totally free from suffering,

May they remain in the great equanimity, which is beyond attachment and aversion.




Namaste, blessed be.

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