Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Karmapa's Healthcare Project.

KHCP direction/doctors/volunteers with direction/doctors of the Dhulikhel University Hospital.

KHCP colaborates with hospitals and health organisations.

About the project.

The Karmapa´s Healthcare Project e.V., abbreviated KHCP e.V. is a non-profit charitable association, which is based on donations, willingness to help and Western scientific knowledge.

The Project pursues a humanitarian approach and not a religious missionary approach.

100% of the donations are used for medicine, equipment, surgeries and services of local doctors. All Western helpers, including the board of directors, are unpaid volunteers who work without compensation.

In close collaboration with His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje, the KHCP was founded in Kalimpong, India in 2005 and was officially registered as a non-profit charitable association in Germany.

In the meantime, more than 20 monasteries and schools in India and Nepal can be supported.

The KHCP mainly focuses on healthcare, medical prevention and education. Its goal is not only to provide healthcare for the monks and nuns of the monasteries and schools, but also to cater to the needs of the poor local population.

Mobile medical and dental camps are a good method to achieve this goal. At our annual medical camp in Bodhgaya we provide up to 5000 treatments in one week.

In the medium term, we are planning to have small clinic rooms in the monasteries, which are also supposed to function as contact points for the local population.

Blog author's comments.

i've registered on website, donated to the cause (i've donated more to other causes, including donations to the Europe Center, but there are other not only Buddhism's causes that i've donated for, as well). i'll keep donating as much as i can, as regularly as i can.

From a Buddhist's perspective, this donation has three consequences:
- Karma returns, i think that as i help others be healther, it'll affect my own health positively as well;
   ... i need this, being mentally ill,
- It's an act of Compassion, Compassion along with Wisdom is the Way to Enlightenment,
- Acts of Compassion bring people together, there's no Enlightened Love without Compassion.

It's a Buddhist stance however to give only surplus, to not give if one doesn't have a surplus.

For now i do not have much of money, but i care for health - not only mental health - so i donated anyway, even if only a little for now.

i share this information trying to be an example, to inspire others for Compassion & Generosity as well; i hope it's a proper form to share that information publicly; i am a little shy about this, and did not do this out of vanity or pride - in truth.

Donation information is available via website, please help if You can.

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