Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Martial Thoughts.


At youth i read a little of Martial Arts - related Philosophy, i read a little of Buddhist & Taoist ideas, i read Sun Tzu's Art of War as well.

Consequentailly i tried to live that way - which put me into troubles, as this was seen as detached from reality in Poland, a Catholic Nation.

But since years, i managed to integrate this with local needs, this is no longer my weakness, i consider it inner strength.


Sun Tzu is a famous Chinese General of the Ancient Times & the widely known author of
'Art of War',
first treatise about warfare in known history.

Morihei Ueshiba was amazing human, creator of Aikido & Master of many Martial Arts,
rumored to perform supernatural feats.

Very humane person as well.

Aikido is fascinating, designed to be Art of Self-Defense.
Pace & non-harming are very important parts of the Aikido Philosophy, of the Techniques of this Style as well.

Gichin Funakoshi is known as Master of Karate Shotokan, a Poet & a Loving Person.

In his book 'Karate-Do, my life' he explained philosophy, roots & history of Martial Arts - reaching times when weapons were allowed only to the Samurai Warrior-caste. Peasants trained at night, illegally, with bare hands & peasant tools such as stick (Bo) or a knife for planting rice (Sai).

It's also on another blog.

Acknowledgement: Way of Ninja.

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