Thursday, 6 April 2017

Understanding Other, Esoteric Ways.


While Buddhism is the most important part of this blog author's Spiritual Ways, there are other - Esoteric Aspects - as well.

Word 'Esoteric' can be understood as 'following other Spiritual Path than my own' - in a context of this article, i'll use this meaning.

Blog author's Spiritual Ways.

Most important Spiritual Ways, arranged by how much i care & prioritize my efforts are:

1. Buddhism.
2. Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
3. Wicca/Witchcraft - Mostly Gardnerian.
4. Parts of the Catholic Church (but certainly not a modern inquisition).

... in a future i plan to learn about other spritual ways - including Hoodoo & Voodoo, as well.

About, Goals, Methods & blog author's approach.

1. Buddhism.

Goal of Buddhism is Liberation & Enlightenment, dissolution of ego & full realization of Mind's potential.

This can be achieved using many methods, including Wisdom & Compassion development, including the Noble Eightfold Path as well.

2. Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

'The Golden Dawn is one of the most influential and respected system of magic in the world. Over a century old, the teachings of this once-secret society are considered the capstone of the Western Esoteric Tradition.'

-- Quoted from 'The Essential Golden Dawn. An Introduction to High Magic' by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.

(the meaning of word 'Esoteric' in this quote, differs from one used by blog author in this article).

Goal of the Golden Dawn is union with God.

This blog's author wishes to achieve this goal, then resign from it & return to the Buddha's Way. Reaching union with god, as well as preparing for it will help me understand the Golden Dawn better, their needs & thinking - so esoteric politics with them won't be 'oversweet & meaningless'. i plan to help the Golden Dawn even after that still.

Methods of the Golden Dawn are Scientific Study & Ritual Practices. Most notably modern Golden Dawn uses the Enochian Magick & the Hermetic Quabbalah. Golden Dawn members say that their Order has 'Scientific Methods & Spiritual Goals'.

3. Wicca/Witchcraft.

Wicca worships the Triple Goddess (typically comprised by the Virgin, Mother, and Wise Woman/Crone) which is associated with the waxing, full, and waning moon phases.

They also worship the Horned God, also known as Herne. This God and Goddess pair are sometimes given specific names and sometimes so revered as only to be named in ritual, simply called the Lady and the Lord.

Wiccans believe that for the Divine to be complete and whole, it must be both male and female.

All gods and goddesses, even of various faiths, are accepted as different aspects of one greater Divine Power.

Like in other forms of Paganism, Wiccans also worship nature as divine.

Wicca teaches reincarnation, in which the spirit is reborn to meet again the people with whom they had close personal connections in previous lives.

Unlike other reincarnation beliefs, Wiccans believe that the goal is not to escape reincarnation on earth but to enjoy experiencing life repeatedly until the spirit has learned everything it possibly can.

Once this has happened, and the spirit no longer reincarnates, it enters a blissful realm called 'the land of youth' or 'summerland.'

Methods of Wicca/Witchcraft include spellcasting, meditation (different from Buddhist meditation), prayers & holy rites.

This blog's author wishes to reach the Wiccan Summerland, stay there for a while, then resume Buddha's Way. As with the Golden Dawn's goal, it's mostly to understand their needs, thinking & way. i also plan to help the Wicca/Witchcraft even after that as well.

4. Parts of the Catholic Church.

Goal of the Church is to go to Heaven & be close to the God - after one's death. To achieve this, Catholics try to do the good deeds & believe in the God during their lives.

This blog's author had mixed experiences with the Catholic Church. While many were hypocrites only pretending to be good, but in truth uncaring or abusive - there were also very good people internally & externally. i just can't ignore the good & help that at least part of the Church did for me, to be honest with myself i wish to repay the karmic debts with them.

Respecting other ways.

i think we should respect each other, should try our best to protect ourselves & each other, should try to understand ourselves & each other, should try to befriend each other as well.

Truth is what brings together instead of separating, but Honesty is important as well. i try to be honest, even if i'm not perfect that way as of yet.

i strive for Alliances or even better Friendships, i strive to represent our Sangha's side - while understanding other Ways, their conducts & their needs, as well.

i hope that Sangha will respect my karmic connections as well. Empty, oversweet words in presence of friends - but without backing them with thoughts, words & actions when friends are not there - are harmful to relations i think.


May all beings have happines and causes of happiness,

May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering,

May they always experience true happiness, which is totally free from suffering,

May they remain in the great equanimity, which is beyond attachment and aversion.







Namaste, blessed be.

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