Thursday, 27 July 2017

Conditions for Meditation & Dharma Practice.


Precious human rebirth is something rare, something that is the result of karma accumulated through many lives.

Just having a human life doesn’t mean we have a precious human life. A precious human life means that we have all the conditions for Dharma practice.

There are are eight freedoms and ten fortunes that make spiritual development in Dharma possible & efficient.

Eight Freedoms:
1. One is not reborn in the hells,
2. One is not reborn in the hungry ghost realm,
3. One is not reborn as an animal,
4. One is not reborn as a god,
5. One is not reborn 'as a barbarian among uncivilized savages' - where spiritual growth & dharma practice is difficult,
6. One is not reborn in a place or at a time when the Buddha’s teachings are unavailable—where a buddha hasn’t appeared and taught,
7. One is not reborn with impaired senses: being blind or deaf or mentally retarded. It doesn’t mean that those people can’t practice the Dharma but there’s a lot of impediment. Nowadays it’s better actually. In ancient times if you were blind you couldn’t read the scriptures. Now they’ll have Buddhist books read on audio tapes and maybe something in braille, so it’s easier. Same with being deaf in ancient times: very difficult to listen to teachings. Now I’ve taught at times where somebody signed the teachings so that people can hear them. Still it makes it harder,
8. One is not reborn as somebody who has wrong views.

Ten Fortunes:
1. One is reborn as a human. With a human body then we have human intelligence. This is really something to rejoice at,
2. One is reborn in a Buddhist region. This is a place where you can receive the teachings and where you can receive ordination,
3. One is reborn with complete and healthy sense faculties: so being able to see, being able to hear, having our mind be sharp,
4. One is not having created any of the five heinous crimes. These five heinous actions are ones that if you commit them, then in your next life you instantly get reborn in a hell realm because of the severity of these actions. They include killing our father, killing our mother, killing an arhat, causing schism in the Sangha, and causing blood to be drawn from a buddha,
5. One is having an instinctive belief in things that are worthy of respect. One has in our heart an instinctive interest in the Dharma, an instinctive curiosity about spiritual practice,
6. One lives where and when a Buddha has appeared,
7. One lives where and when a Buddha has not only appeared but taught,
8. One lives where and when Dharma still exists,
9. One lives when and where there’s a Sangha community following the Buddha’s teachings. It’s nice to have that example of other Sangha members for us to follow; and to be able to go to them for questions and support in our practice, especially if they are Buddhist monks or nuns,
10. One lives when and where there are others with loving concern. Loving concern refers to benefactors—the people who offer us food, clothing, medicine, and shelter (the four requisites) so that we can practice. Loving concern also refers to the people who are our Dharma teachers. They teach us with loving concern for our spiritual well-being. Having the support of others is very important for our practice.

Blog author's situation & comments.

i was in this fortunate situation that i could meditate at a Buddhist Center, and take Refuge in Lama Ole Nydahl in this life.

During our three lights meditation, we remember that conditions for meditation are rare, precious and we don't know how long these will last.

So it was with me - i could meditate with Sangha, it was precious & uplifting experience.

Then my mental illness caused me in being unable to continue.

i think i understand why, for a few of reasons:
1. 'Junk' from subconsciousness was drawn out to purify. i still experience this karma, i know it's being purified quickly & efficiently - but there's a lot of it; Such purifications are unpleasant and sometimes dangerous to my life (i suffer from obstacles of looking for incoming cars when i pass the street for example), if i meditated more there would be more of such karma for me to face & purify.
2. Investing one's own karma & time is great but costly - Teachers bless us, give lessons and one should repay them with their support or help; Otherwise there's a risk of getting addicted to the Teachers & blessings coming from them, i think.

After a mental crisis & times of trying to reach for more of meditation-time despite Sangha's wisdom, i finally let go.

i try to seed the causes for future meditation possibility for me - by speaking about sectarianism, by creating conditions for others to meditate efficiently.

My situation is not so bad as well, i read ... for i can recite mantras, read about buddhist wisdom, i can help other people. i read that progress is possible even without powerful meditation methods, that way.

Occasionally i do meditate however, carefully, with a guidance of insights to when i can, on my own responsibility. i prefer quick development, so i do - even if there are inconveniences & risks associated.

One of sectarian accusations i wish to address here as well is about Sangha 'seducing & ditching' their members.

i think that not everyone has karmic conditions to meditate with Sangha for whole life, but even a short time of practice is beneficial for them.

One can progress by cultivating Wisdom & Compassion, as well.


i wish all beings - including me - to be able to meditate skillfully & efficiently,

i wish all beings - including me - to be able to progress fast to Liberation & Enlightenment.







Namaste, blessed be.

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