Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Broken Papers.

i had these insights since a while ago.

a while ago i heard in radio church's warnings about 'Freezing & Heating' sectarian weapon.

i have experienced it personally as well, i think it's a way for sects & other - more beneficial groups - to protect themselves.

then i read in the internet about sects that make their members sign under sect's dogma, as a psychological trick to brainwash & ensure loyalty, among other means.

i had insights that this trick might be called 'broken papers' - as members experience conditioned pain in mind & body if they try to break dogma/laws under they signed themselves.

i think it's also a self-protection way, an entry-certificate to higher lessons, and very dangerous way if it's abused.

i had insight that sangha wishes me to sign 'broken papers', if i agree.

i did agree in mind, i do not plan nor wish to betray afterall.


  1. (EN) 'broken papers' = (PL) 'połamane papiery'.

  2. (EN) why i am sharing this?

    i had insight that this warning should leak, to protect others from those who betray our school and from those who abuse these methods.

    i had insight that while it was good that i defended our school from 'sectarian accusations', we could 'raise level of meditations', it resulted in some people taking too much of advantage from it, and abused the way.

    i believe that 'inner enemies' are far more dangerous threats than 'outside enemies'. i believe that buddhists should be beneficial & self-responsible, should face consequences of their own actions of mind, speech & body.

    had insight that we should be held responsible for our 'dirty tricks' as well, that this is Buddha's wish; we should not be 'above responsibility' - karma is equal that way.

    i believe it's antisectarian way too to be honest & protect, not only do defend against opposition's arguments.

    had insights about more of 'dirty tricks' to come, but will reveal these later; perhaps these will include 'crazy dice', 'wheelaround', 'pistol', 'blackmail', 'kaleidoscope', 'dragon' & 'clock'. for now i know too little about these methods, and i am not ready to share yet.