Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Planting the seed of Bodhicitta.

A Quote.

'Karmapa: we must plant the seed of Bodhicitta.

We have fertile conditions to plant the seed of this wonderful organic plant, metaphorically speaking, that is Bodhicitta – the ‘tree of enlightenment’, one could say. Therefore, we must make use of this time and not waste it. As it is said in a prayer: if the Bodhicitta has not been generated, we must find a way to generate it. Once it is generated, we must find a way to ensure that it does not decrease, but constantly make efforts to increase it. And not only increase it to an average level, but to increase and develop it to its fullest limit, which is of course limitless. So we must make the best use of this opportunity and make the most of it.'

Blog author's comments.

There are better and worse moments in our lives. Crises & conflicts are part of lives.

If things are going well, it's best to enjoy while these conditions last, without getting attached, remembering of impermanence, of empty nature of all that depends upon conditions. When good conditions leave, it's best to let go gently of things that are leaving us - thinking 'it was good', without reaching for more.

But still - we can plant seeds that will make good karma reappear in future.

When things are going bad, it's best to accept them as a lesson, as an opportunity to grow & learn, to practice with patience, compassion, wisdom & observation.

When we experience bad karma in our lives, we can plant the seeds of bodhicitta, practice six liberating actions, realize inseparability of emptiness & compassion. We can understand that conflicts are not going to last, that it's wise to plant seeds for future peace whenever conflict starts, and cultivate these all the time - even during such conflict. We should understand that people cause troubles because of ignorance, because they feel troubled themselves. When we feel attacked we should protect ourselves & those who are important to us - but without going too far, understanding that peace has to prevail in the end.

And let's consider - we do not wish to create desperates. These turn out to be our worst foes, that's how terrorists are created as well, i think.

Peace for all,
_()_ Namo Buddhaya.

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